Cmon guys.. Help This Squaddie Out!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. I can't believe it? Not one word from the ARRSEworld on what to do for a fellow military guy who's obviously hurting and needs at least to be taken out for a drink or two to drown his sorrows.

    Prince Willie has busted up with Kate - obviously some pressures put on him by the folks at home and the, of course, manic press coverage of his ' dating practices' ..

    the guy needs a night out on the town, a bunch of boys to tell him, there's more birds out there with his name on 'em and possibly, suggestions as to a 'rebound'/ get back on the horse type ' new acquaintance ' ..

    someone must have some suggestions as to who he should be seeking out for solace..

    I'm suggesting he call up Kate Beckinsale [ older woman, wears leather well ] she'd put him back - er - in the saddle again...

    He may be a prince, but he's still one of the lads..he needs our help and support..

    possible consolation prizes anyone??
  2. Bring him to the Shot, nothing a good night in Cheeks (sorry Vox!) won't sort out!!
  3. Possible consolation prizes? Wow. He could have his pick.

    Kate Middleton's gorgeous mind. I'm spoken for (and considerably older than her) but I'm sure that there's another YO out there who'd be happy to be her escort...
  4. He drinks £800 bottles champs a night, thats a weeks worth of beer tokens for me.

  5. Christ, are you a lottery winner!
  6. Wills is brand spanking new out of the factory and like all subbies bins / gets binned by the bird so he can do the dashing young subbie (who will be King by the way - girls) thing. No brand new subbie wants to get married (and we all know those that do are thought "odd" and bed wetting mummies boys - don't deny it).

    Will's is thinking that he'd rather die than marry and that he'll be 24 forever and girls will always look like Kate (who is a goddess and I'll cut anyone who says otherwise, mucker or no I love 'er).

    Why would I have a beer with a sprog like him anyway? He'll regret it but you can't be told.

    Now that medic bird on the Chinooks who just got a gong/MD or something - I would buy her a beer - her massive gonads might get be off putting at first but I'd get used to it.
  7. Wills is in Bovington, and has probably re-discovered boys (perhaps his Uni dalliance with a girlie was an aberration).
  8. LOL - I can just see him doing the 2-step and chatting up:
    "one would love to give one one!"
    "My granny owns the Army y'know!"
  9. To the reply of;

    "Fack off you posh caaaahnt and get me and my mate anuvva blue wkd"
  10. Prince Willy in a threesome? Surely not...Granny would have a coronary!! 8O
  11. I thought monarchs had coronationories. :D
  12. HAs anyone thought of getting one of willy's mates to invite him onto this prestigous website? Or perhaps he already is, under some cryptic pseudonym...