Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Outstanding, Sep 28, 2007.

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  1. Swing Low Sweet Chariot!
  2. Another rivetting thread from you.
  3. Hi dale, sorry its a bit dull, but trying to get in the mood to watch England win (fingers +++ crossed) you gonna watch?
  4. What exactly does an old slave song from the Deep South have to do with rugby anyway?
  5. dale is this the cnut you was going on about.
  6. No, not in the mood. I am, however, in the mood to wind you up.
  7. Great well I hope you have an enjoyable evening. All the best mate.
  8. do one you nobber. go an swing off your mothers TIT.
  9. Yes dear.

    Outstanding, check your PMs, and if you are going to send me drivel, at least make it interesting.

    Oh, and I am not your "mate".

  10. Play your cards right, Outstanding and you can be dales 'mate'.

    It's like jury service.
  11. just doing a bit of background work on him at the moment.
  12. Flashy, I knew I would use my 6000th post on you.

    I really don't like that tool Outstanding, it's OK though, my stalkers are on the case.

    You just missed your cretins in chat. They were funny.

  13. Why would your cancer walting aunty want to take legal action against her own phone?

    I know your family is retarded and mentally disturbed but you even make insects look clever.

    Is your aunty going to touch your bottom again?
  14. Think England will have to play hard to get past Australia!
  15. :roll:

    Any more statements of the patently obvious? Apart from 'we're going to win this time' coupled with the usual bollox about Jonny Wilkinson's divinity.