Cmon, admit it

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by TheLordFlasheart, Sep 27, 2006.

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  1. Who else has fucked Crouching_Tiger?

    Apparently she's had more dicks in her from this site than blessed baby cakes has had Ginsters Brain and Lard pies.

    I was going to do it as a poll but you are only allowed to put 100 options up.

    Names below please.
  2. The original thread has already been removed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. She requested it be deleted, after all she has a MQ and half of Nurseboys future gratuities to protect......for herself.
  4. Yep, seen or not as the case now is.

    Tough titties c_t. If you dont like the responces, you should have thought long and hard (probably longer than your courtship took for example) before you posted it.

    Probably best you fcuk off and get a new user name. I doubt you will though as you seem to be an attention whore of the highest order. You'll be popular on the patch though.

    Editted to add;

    The original thread was deleted on her request because it was she who started it and had the right to do so.

    We can carry on the motion here. :D

    So, where were we? How many arrsers have done her up the wrong un?
  5. Recieved in pm...on the back foot??

    Does this mean we dont have to buy new hats?
  6. It certainly does but also means that Crouching_Tiger needs to go for an AIDS test. :D
  7. Where's the proud husband- to -be? He's keeping awfully quiet considering people were calling his bethrothed a munter and a moose and a spunkguzzler and a spunkdump and a 2 bit 'ho and a cockhungry whore and a fat headed moonbeast and a Ginsters munching fat fcuk and a deluded baldy fannied whining cnut of a gopping bitch.

    If that were me I'd be irate and would probably listen to the voice(s) of reason and bin the gopping cow...............................after I'd pillaged her stench trench.
  8. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Looks as though the sweepstakes on the happy union maybe shorter than was thought - who had the lowest???
  9. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    I doubt that there many that actually fell for it though..
  10. Standards? Probably the easy touch that promised to marry her.
  11. I'm starting to feel lower than a fat lasses breasts now due to the happy occasion being binned.

    I've been party to the demise of what should have materialised into a happy event for the Medic and Crouching bint.

    I feel it only right and decent to .........................ahh feck it!

    Ha ha ha ha ha.
  12. Her dreams of wives coffee mornings and spawning chav kids could be well and truly shattered, and she'll have to chuck her newly purchased rons away now.

    I feel awful....about that thread getting binned, it was just getting good.
  13. Not too sure. Was she in the womens bogs at the 52 in the Marley in JHQ May Bank Holiday 84?
  14. Heres what she was up to whilst in the departure lounge bogs prior to jetting off to Prague

  15. I fukcin knew it, I can smell a cum-guzzling bunny-boiler at ten thousand yards.
    Obviously, she's fat, but is she also a freckle spattered rusty hund?