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Mr Happy

Hi guys,

Just on the off chance I thought I would check in arrse, if there is anyone out there with CMMi implementation experience (preferably managing, not receiving) and you are looking for a contract (Swiss Contract, Amsterdam and Brussels based work) please PM.


Mr (call me Boss) Happy
PM Sent
Obviously I dont have the experience or I wouldnt be asking this question but......out of curiosity.......

what is CMMI Implementation?

Mr Happy

AFAIK CMMI is a model of working developed in the US. It was originally a DoD thing to judge companies tendering for defense (sic) contracts and is now used in most industries by many companies.

In particular what it does is assign the same job title to the same role and scope. It does the same for pieces of work.

CMM became CMMI by being integrationist so that Company A could talk to Company B in the same language. (Or great for outsourcing...).

An example. When creating a new software product some people called Business Analysts will try to work out what the customer wants, another group of people called Developers will programme what they are told by the Business Analysts and a third team, called Testers, will test it.

Now all these groups work through a set or processes and pass the work on. How much work, what level of depth and how well it is completed (or not) and passed on (or not) is based on the teams and their dynamics. What CMMI does is state the start and finishing point for each piece of work and team. Sounds obvious, and it is, but basically since every company in the world has there own (or multiple methods) then it was alwys impossible to hit a global standard. CMMI is basically about as close as we`ve got.

To put it another way... When I hear a "MOD project is 1bn over budget and 4 years late", the follow up line "MPs blame the contractor, Contractor blames shifting targets" will tell me and most other project experienced people what went wrong. CMMI, would allow me (us)(anyone) to point exactly at a process and person responsible. No ifs, no maybes.

Needless to say the MOD has another standard, but industry appears to be going down the CMMI route.

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