CMCQ + RMQ Dates

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by wg100, Jul 12, 2005.

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  1. I'm looking at getting on a CMCQ course, followed by the RMQ course. However the 2 and 145 BSTT aren't running the next CMCQ until October, and then the next RMQ is in Feb next year.
    Does anyone know of dates for other BSTT courses?
    Would I even be permitted to attend another Bde's course?
  2. You should be able to attend wherever you like.
    LDSTT dates are similar Nov and Feb.
  3. REdcap is right, the LDSTT dates are in November and January with the RMQ course in February.

    LDSTT run two CMCQ courses for every RMQ, and the next RMQ starts in September. YOu must have passed the CMCQ course first.

    For detaisl check out here

  4. Been trying to get on the RMQ course for ages. The last 2 Bde CMCQ was held over the TASAAM weekend (what fantastic planning that was). Now booked to do CMCQ in October and RMQ in Feb.
  5. If you are happy to travel 160 Wales Bde are running courses September/October however there is a two week back to back course run in March which will give you CMQ/RMQ/AMS/DCCT quals all in 15 days. The down side to that is Sennybridge in March................
  6. Can you provide a contact or more info about these courses?

    PM or post please.

  7. Dates for 160 BSTT

    CMCQ is 5/6 - 19/20 Nov
    DCCT 26/27 Nov
    RMQ 10/11 -24/25 Sept and 8/9 Oct

    15 Day course covering CMCQ/RMQ/DCCT/AMS 4-19 March 06
  8. Just a quick note about B/DSTT any soldier can attend any course in any location providing they meet the course pre requirements and the course is booked. All the teams run the same core courses but on different dates so where ever possible so regardless of location you should find a course that suits you.