Clutching at Straws - God Bless the Police

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bazzinho1977, Dec 23, 2010.

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  1. Best quote ever. Some gal has got herself kidnapped in Bristol. But the coppers quote had me in hysterics:

    Det Ch Insp Gareth Bevan, from Avon and Somerset Police, said: "We believe Jo reached her home address shortly after 8.30pm on Friday evening.

    "From CCTV, we know she bought a pizza at Tesco Express in Clifton Village and there is no evidence of the pizza, the wrappings or the box in the flat.

    "It's a Tesco Finest mozzarella, tomato and basil pesto pizza. Does anyone know where this is?"

    Full story:

    BBC News - Parents fear missing daughter abducted in Bristol
  2. That has made me shake my head in utter shame...................I can understand his point up to the last quote, then he looks like a bonnet. A full cheese bonnet.
  3. your daughters dead in a ditch with knickers round ankles but don't worry we traced the pizza- it were lovely with garlic bread
  4. Well we woz 'ungry Guv and couldn't concentrate on the investigation!!!

    Grade A tit for not checking just what he was supposed to be saying!
  5. If lived near Bristol I'd feel obliged to go and buy a few of Tesco's finest and distribute them about the city to give the poor chap a few leads.
  6. do you need the clubcard points that badly
  7. there's one in my fridge *gulp* - does that make me a suspect?! :)
  8. I'd just be entering into the spirt of Christmas and giving him hope.
  9. She, and the pizza, were abducted by aliens who are now trying to fathom out exactly what sort of twisted society could create something as appalling as pesto.
  10. My Money is on the boy friend Greg being the one who murdered her then bumped her body in a shallow snow drift.
  11. I was sat in the local Honda dealership waiting on my truck coming out from it's MOT when this popped up on the tv, the sound was rather low so I could not hear what was being said. I was however wondering why I spent a good thirty seconds looking at a pizza.
  12. I was surfing channels and missed the first part of the report; I sat there wondering why a copper was droning on and on about pizza. Was this some new satirical sketch show?

    I would love to be proven wrong, but no way this is going to end well. After they finish with the pizza, Plod should check the boyfriend and the parents very carefully.
  13. I'm trying to work out why you've got a problem with this. On the face of it the quote seems incongruous but if you read the story the pizza, or absence of, is an anomoly which might lead to the missing woman. Surely worth a mention by the copper while he's on the box.
  14. Police have now placed all stores selling antacid tablets under surveillance.