Cluster bombs - IDF death offering

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by frenchperson, Aug 31, 2006.

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    Is this the IDF's enduring offering to all the women and children they didn't kill or injure the first time around? 90% of the bombs were dropped in the last 72 hours of the conflict, with full knowledge that the UN ceasefire resolution was on the way.
  2. C'est la guerre.
  3. You really are french aren't you frenchperson?

    Did some IDF "touch" you in a past life? What's with all this "jew bashing"? 'Cause that is all you seem to do on this forum.

    Get out more mate, you will find the rest of the world can be a wonderful place...

  4. If you put it in those simple terms, it's the same as Nazi bashing.
  5. Don't you think nazi deserve a good bashing? I do. But as for the IDF, the clue is in their title "DEFENCE"...

  6. Thats "Defence" in the same way the Nazis were national "Socialists" ?
  7. Well lets hope that one day, when the nasty bad terrorist supporting murdering bastards kidnap "you" or one of "your" that your government and military kin will do everything in their power to get you back.
  8. Although I don't think the Armée de l'Air actually dropped any cluster munitions itself, it was more than happy to serve alongside the US and the UK who were more than happy to lob a few into Serbia in 1999. Pot calling the kettle black I fear!
  9. As in the case of the IDF and fail?????

    Then leave it to diplomacy to get their guys back - which many of us were saying before they murdered a 1,000+ civilians!!! I'm sorry, but you can NEVER justify attacking civilan infrastructure and taking innocent life on the basis of "do[ing] everything in [your] power to get ... back" just two guys!
  10. I really see no reason to give a damn if they used cluster bombs are not there just another weapon nothing really any worse about them then other weapons. Nuke Chemical Biological are the only weapons that are bad enough to be prohibited everything else is fair game as long as they used properly.
  11. All right calm down.

    The fact is , there are a shedload of CBU's sitting around , and some poor sod is going to have to have a go at them with gun cotton or whatever the hell it is.

    Will it be the IDF? Will it hell.
  12. Merkator - don't take my name literally, please. You seem a trifle mixed up by the way, a la Glenda Slagg
  13. There was no military logic behind such a massive number of cluster bombs being dropped, particularly in the last few days leading up to a ceasefire.

    Who's most likely to stumble across all those tens of thousands of unexploded bomblets?

    The elderly, the infirm and children thats who.

    The Israelis did it out of pure spite, to maximise Lebanese civilian suffering as part of a collective punishment strategy.

    Of course they'll deny it till they're blue in the face but then thats typical of the deceitful, lying bunch that they are.

    Same with the oil slick which has reached Cyprus, that was done using precision bombing again they did it out of sheer spite.

    If they dont want to play fair thats fine, but they better not complain when they're on the receiving end.
  14. Personally if I got kidnapped by terrorist maniacs I'd certainly hope that my government didn't attempt to "set back the civilian infrastructure by 20 to 50 years" (quoted in Ha'aretz) or cluster bomb thousands of innocent civilians.

    I don't quite see how blowing up bridges, targeting petrol stations, ambulances and any individual moving through certain areas is justified. Especially when using cluster munitions which, let's face it, are pretty unreliable as to timing of detonation.

    One of my working definitions of terrorist is a person who seeks to achieve their political/social/military aims through inflicting widespread violence or the threat and fear of violence on innocent parties without the sanction of the United Nations.
  15. I don't. But, as a Brit, pot calling the kettle black is even more relevant. Not so? I know, I know. You were probably against that too. But I'm just trying to make the point that it we're hardly whiter than white on this particular issue.