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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by devexwarrior, Jun 9, 2007.

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  1. 8 across in today's Telegraph cryptic crossword was

    Cousin travelling round Bahamas at a relatively great speed (8)

    - Subsonic - Now I know our own contributor spells his with 2 B's but here are some more regular users of the Int Corps board in cryptic form-have a guess in open forum or PM me for explanations-some are harder than others and I have put spaces in where _ has been used or where obvously needed.

    Endless sign can make a group (7)

    There's Jonny Rotten!, I hear (5)

    Is he at home?, In Ambridge surely (6)

    By the cheiftain sits the oracle (4 2 3 4)

    I might send him this one! (3 6)

    At first first first then fill me in either way (6 or 2,4)

    Sling cider and cream together by chance mixed-but never at work!
    (2 5 7 7 or 21)

    Where Arthur met a flower, by Eton maybe? (6 3 6)

    Detectives in charge, when counted and sorted by setter is charged up perhaps. (3 2)

    Have fun.

    Edited to remove a clue that was wrong-I'll put it back later

    Here it is

    Queen ladles ill goat sadly but happy (4 3 3 4)
  2. :ROLL:
  3. :wink:
  4. So far so good
  5. you're delaying my packing by the way :)
  7. why?
  8. you know, this is my second lot of Arrse-related cross words in a week :)
  9. What? No 6 3 5 ? :(
  10. MO's adversorial progenitor?
  11. How about:

    "Gay boy in sand, possibly"

  12. Just about getting rid of the last few grains out of my ass now mate!
  13. Solutions

    Hope that kept some of you occupied for a few minutes. In the meantime I shall try to get out more.
  14. dude, no wonder we couldn't get some of them. you can't count for shit :)

    and yes, before anyone says it - i'm off work (moving house).

    but 10 / 10 for effort (or 16 / 7 if you wrote it ;) )
  15. It's a fair cop guv- spent so long on the clues-forgot to check the counts. I shall beat myself over lunch. Still it keeps arrse ticking over the weekend and keeps me off the dodgy websites.