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A chap elsewhere asked a question regarding reciprocals. Well, I would rather raise a question regarding your favourite overseas/reciprocal club. I have stayed in about 30 'true' clubs around the world and perhaps 10 would be wonderful experiences. Perhaps we can share memorable anecdotes too?

I shall kick off with the Melbourne Club & Australian Club (in Melbourne) - wonderful clubhouses and accommodating members.
I can massively recommend The Stephen's Green Hibernian Club in Dub 2. The club has a good bar, great library and a snooker table. It also maintains the tradition of a Member's Table, so if you pitch up solo, you dine with your new bessy mates...which can include TDS, senators, judges, businessmen and even the odd bishop! Lunch in there can be great craic and you come away with a great insight into Irih politics and economics.

Traditionally i believe all of the servants were called Joseph - which makes it easy for visitors. Or maybe when I visited they just happened to all be called Joseph. Very comfortable and bang centre of Dublin. Food is also excellent.
Two recommendations from the east coast. The Squadron A Club on 51st Street, right next to the Rockefeller Center just off 5th Avenue, New York. Great location; as well as the sights of Manhatten, you can nip into mass at St Patricks Cathedral over the road. Cosy bar with lots of Sqn A souvenirs, good restaurant. The Sqn A chaps meet about once a week in the bar and will give you a warm welcome. Like most Americans, they are quite open to strangers introducing themselves. They are all ex military and the descendants of an old reserve cavalry unit. The club premesis are shared with three other clubs, one of which is the Lambs Club. This is a club for retired Broadway performers. They have a get together once a week when they all perform something to a piano accompaniment. Again they are very welcoming and we had a blast with them.

In Washington DC, the Army and Navy Club is well worth a visit. More comfortable than the Sqn A, a lot more formal, with a fascinating museum and library. A great place for military and industry networking if that´s your thing. Well placed down town and good value.
Grimethorpe Miners Welfare was a great club, till that cow Meryl Streep shut all the
Grimethorpe Miners Welfare was a great club, till that cow Meryl Streep shut all the
I'd join immediately - have they got reciprocation at the Muthaiga Club in Nairobi?
I've yet to go to the Republic but the St Stephen's Hiberno Club is on my reciprocal list - I'm hoping to go to Dublin later this year so I look forward to a visit or stay.

One of the thing that surprises me about clubs outside the UK is how few have a Members' Table for stray members.

If you enjoy a light bar bill nothing beats the Hong Kong Club in Central. I got the bill for a week's patronage of the bar and restaurant and it worked out to a night at my own club. Having re-developed the original clubhouse in 1980 they sold the upstairs 10 floors and subsidise the running of the club. I wasn't keen on the idea before I arrived but a bloody good idea, that!

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