Club bosses sack mascot for getting them out . . almost

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fat_Cav, Jun 8, 2011.

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  1. Bit of a non-story really but it does mean I get to post some middle-aged filth in sossies.

  2. I got VD in Doncaster!!
  3. You got away lightly then
  4. I've done a lot worse........................ and in Doncaster as well.
  5. Thats like saying I ve had a Burger in McDonalds.....Donny is the Rough Bird Capital of Europe!!
  6. Doncaster!....Oh Yeah! I spent a month there, ome weekend.
  7. Manley......your c0ck must have fallen off........i worked there for about 4 months!!
  8. I travelled through Doncaster at night on the train... British Railways days with real steam chuff-chuffs..... on my way to Catterick for basic training..... never did see what the town looks likes... But it couldn't be worse than Catterick Garrison, Richmond or Darlington.... could it???
  9. Doncaster is all the above but with 90% less squaddies in it...........I was eating in a pub about 1930hrs after work, the pub was emptyish a part from a few pissheads & two birds at the bar....I ordered another glass of wine...."one bird says ooh you sound posh!" two hrs later I was nuts deep in her!! loverly lass
  10. You lying Twat, two hours to bed a Donny Dog, you are either Pig fcuking ugly or very rich,
    I doubt it's the latter, those pox-ridden slappers are two G and T's and on their backs.
    Tell the truth you romancing shitbag!
  11. They were probably on a GRAB A PIG night......did she get a load of diamond white off her giggling mates??
  12. How has she upset the Mafia?

    Why did they put a dead dog's head on her bed in the night?
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  13. By Donny standards she's pretty good. I'd smash it.

  14. fking Bella Emberg is good by Donny standards
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  15. Hey I m a Hansome Bastard me!!.............I used to be in the AAC ffs