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The army has started up an 'official' forum for serving soldiers and their relatives to get together. Obviously the success of ARRSE has got to them!
Only problem is that you have to hand over your regimental number.... wonder how many people will use it!!
The funny thing is, I know the guy responsible for the Army's internet marketing strategy, and I put him on to Arrse!

I certainly won't be handing over my name, rank, and serial number.


It's the Child Support Agency... away.....
Im sure it would be absolutly exelent for enhancing your carrier prospects to air your views in an open and frank way for all to see.

Of coarse my oppinion doesnt count as i am a small villege in linconshire affording a wonderfull view of the thames valley. ;D ;) :eek: ::)

Bad CO

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I was certainly considering a 'career enhancing' post on the topic of 'isn't the SA80 the most wonderful weapon I have ever had the privilege of using'!!!
Bizarre! - they can't even get their security certificate right...tch!

Looking at the forbidding, stone-clad, lifeless sign-in page, doesn't look as though they'll get many takers....

Love to see what goes on in there though.......all very nice, cosy and politically correct!  ;) ;D
Even more bizarre, it didn't recognise me regimental number.

My mistake, I should have been looking for

Anyone from Army PR care to comment, or is the database still under construction?
The guy you know isn't ******* (Come on no names please) is it?

I lost his contact details, and need to get back in touch



Its @rse.

Logging all your details will stop any meaningful discussion for fear of career damage. All that was on there were some forums for the bleeps and how can we make it better requests.

I m tempted to tell them to have a look at arrse for a demo of how it should be done.


Imagine the scene-you roll in after a few beers and log on-in your drunken haze you mistake club arsey for the real arrse and post something about the prediliction of the Adj for the regimental Goat-next thing you know comes the knock on the door from the thought police....I'll stick to the cosy anonymity of this forum ...if that's alright with you, Colonel?


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So answer me this.

Why the official army no & nat insurance number?  How do I know this site is official - could be a front for something else?

Once you have entered that army no, does that not give you a false sense of security to speak more openly?

Also I like the  above point on coming in a 2am bevvied up  and deciding that you know how to run the army better than the current lot etc, etc, then waking up in the morning and thinking "hmmm - not a good career move..."

Yep, I think I'll log on and say;

    Pay 2000 is excellent.
    What over-streatch - just knuckle down a bit.
    The Army is a gender, class & a racist free environment.
    I love my quaint pre-fab mouldy MQ - its got character.

Now that has got to get me promoted!
No not happy about it at all, it won't respond to fingering, trace-routing or pinging  :-/

Anyone got the phone number?
For the seriously concerned....

Has anyone managed to log on and look at this site yet?

Old Snowy, you're just up the corridor, is it kosher?
Nosiness about this involving actually talking to people (rather than this pinging nonsense) already underway.  Standby to standby, as they say.
But why do they need all that info at the front.

Let's face it, you're hardly gonna speak your mind, when the next "Your hat my office" interview, is only a unicom tap away.......


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Now maybe i am a bit of a softy, but as it is also aimed at Families and well, you know, for them to talk about their troubles whilst dad is away (again), the intro screen is not exactly 'warm & inviting'!

I am tempted to give it a go, but keep thinking of what Mr Orwell said, something about 'big Bro's and that'.!


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Ah the joys of doing the job inhouse:

...Cpl T,you ever been on the internet?

Emm ....yes

Great go and design me a web site...nothing too fancy now,you don't need any design, marketing or branding expertise.
Just out of  idle interest Eagle, what else is based in Malvern?

No shouting out the answer now, OPSEC and all that ;D

Finally gained access, to find...........not a lot  :-/
However , there is the Forces discount brocheure online, which is blimmin good.

Good/Bad CO, maybe we can stick the latest one up or summat.

Also a suggestion of an "Army Reunited" element....

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