Clsoing one eye to shoot

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by The_0ne, Dec 10, 2006.

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  1. I cant close one eye independantly from the other one :oops:

    Will this be a problem come the shooting range during basic training, also is there anything you cna do to "train" yourself to close one eye

  2. Don't worry about it, lots of people have this problem.

    Try poking one eye with a sharpened pencil, or alternatively try here for another solution:
  3. Get an eye patch
    preferably one with a skull and crossbones, for that authentic pirate look.

  4. Right eye dominance or left eye dominance, don't worry about it, you will not be alone & it can be sorted out easily whilst in Phase 1 Trg. :wink:
  5. My left eye is dominant, how can it be sorted??
  6. are you left eye dominant- shooting right handed, or shooting rignted eyed and right handed and want to keep the left eye open as well for better field of vision?
  7. i'm left eyed as well, i used to close my right eye to shoot but found that on the apwt and longer shoots it caused too much eye strain, i now shoot with both eyes open and just switch focus to my right eye when aiming and firing. its easy with a bit of practice and the sights help on focusing with the right eye over the left.

  8. When i used to shoot in a rifle club i used my left eye because im also left handed which doesnt help matters i bet when using the SA80 as will have to get used to shooting right handed.
  9. cartrige cases are hot when ejected.... wouldnt like one of those on the end of my nose.... probably best to shoot right handed....
  10. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I have coached a few people with the same problems, I am also left eye dominant and right handed myself.
    I also assume here that you dont wear glasses.
    First confirm which eye is dominant - point at an object across the room with 1 finger - then close each eye alternatively and see which eye is really following your finger - that is your dominant eye.
    You will have to fire SA80 right handed which will be an extra learning curve if you are not ambidextrous.
    Are you are going to join an arm that uses SUSAT or iron sights? SUSAT will be easier with the eye domination aspect. If iron then the following works:
    Get a piece of timber roughly the length of rifle, 50mm square is ok. Buy an eye screw (eg used for hanging up net curtains) or use 2 thin tacks 2mm apart, paint it matt black (or use burning oiled rag, sight blackener, carbide etc) and screw it onto the top roughly the position of a rear sight (you can fine tune when you have accurate measurements). Use another blackened tack for a foresight. Add a couple of appropriate sized nails on the bottom for a handgrip and trigger.
    Then practice positioning yourself naturally in a RH firing position pointing naturally at a target (I assume you know about how to do this).
    You may need to selotape a small peice of cardboard to your left eyebrow at first if you have a big domination problem - this should be just big enough to break the focus on that eye. Hopefully you can just lower your eyebrow or partially close the left eye just enough to break focus. Practice this next.
    Then finally practice focusing on the rear sight and foresight in succession with your right eye - practice until you can go front to rear and back in 2 seconds.
    I can just lower my left eyebrow slightly now and it works fine - took a lot of practice. I still shoot pistol RH with left eye though... :D
  11. Master Sniper might be able to give you some useful advice on this subject!
  12. Or rent the movie Wings of the Apache & proceed to drive around in an open top vehicle, guiding yourself only by squinting through a wire hoop with your bad eye:
  13. Not an issue as the cocking handle will have removed your nose milliseconds before the cartridge passes by.
  14. how convenient- one problem removed at least!