Clowns at Cenotaph Parade on BBC1

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Notos, Nov 8, 2009.

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  1. Was it just me or did anyone else clock the jokers dancing and arsing about behind the Women's Memorial when the Ex Grenadier Guards Officer was being interviewed by Sophie Rayworth. A gentleman viewing it with me commented that it was as bad as the young student unrinating on the memorial in Sheffield. Detracted from the solemnity of the occasion and was disrespectful, not the least that they were from veteran's associations.
  2. Harmless bit of fun whilst not on parade.As for the gentlemans comment Oh dear.
  3. I saw it too and thought it was a bit out of order, however, these days it would seem that it's acceptable to behave like children on their first outing, it is NOT.! they should be ashamed of themselves.
  4. Have we not got more important things to be outraged over?
  5. What a load of nonsense!!!!
  6. Just ignore them, they will realise what they have done one day, I am more outraged over the ten para, 4 para thing, it seems to be creating walts, they get issued with kit, then leave, may have another one popped up, you know who you are, I will out you, you never even spent a day at battalion, but first, we must destroy kentish girls ex.
  7. My sentiments exactly, though I was a bit concious of posting since im not current/ex serving. I dont see the point of getting outraged at someone, who obviously deserves to be in that parade doing a little jig for his friends on the sideline. Im sure when it came down to the serious, he was stood shoulder to shoulder with his comrades respectfully remembering.

    There are much more pressing matters to be outraged about other than wether G. Brown did or didnt bow his head or the reasons why a vet did a little dance.
  8. That's a bit of an exaggeration. Playing up in front of a camera is a bit different to swamping over a memorial.

    Maybe we should leave the outrage bus at the station.
  9. Must confess, as a civvy, I was rather surprised. Despite some of my, perhaps more outrageous posts, my repsect and admiration for serving and ex-serving guys is absolute and I was watching the parade with my 10 year old daughter. She pointed it out, asking if people in the army are allowed to muck around at work, bless her.

    I sent her up to bed, and told her Daddy Tickles will be up in a minute.....
  10. I blame Labour, immigrants, chinese take aways and satelitte tv!
  11. What about Labour supporting illegal chinese immigrants who don't subscribe to SKY?. Whats your view on these people? Apart from that they should seek work in Morcambe Bay. Or about a mile off it....
  12. I think they should all become sex slaves apart from the hairy arsed blokes who should working on the Morcambe bay beach or planting seeds in a disused quarry full of oranghutangs (however you spell that).
  13. The ex-Guards officer referred to the larking about in a later soundbite and he seemed totally cool about it. It was surprising to see the Harry Worth routine but no big deal.
  14. Nobody has said we are outraged at this just that it was a bit childish coming from mature ex servicemen on what is a day of remembering their fallen comrades.
  15. The Harry Worth routine is a generational classic, lest we forget it.