Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by TPR_C_Hunt, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. I've just wasted 75 minutes of my life watching this tripe, it is truely awful. It's blair witch project meets starship troopers and it's not done well. If you do go to see it, don't worry about being late as the first 20 minutes is spent with the characters at a party doing not a lot. The next 10 mins have a little bit of excitement and the camerman shouting rob a lot! It doesn't get much better. I'm afraid this is far more over-hyped than I am Legend and not as well made. Hint to the director, don't have characters having a conversation in front of a clock, it looks silly when they lose 15 minutes during a sentence (approx 15.30 into the film for the spotters and yes I was that bored by this point). All in all, I'd opt for watching paint dry or going to the pub. The film promises so much, yet delivers so little, you have been warned.
  2. Is it true that the monster looks like a Blue whale crossed with a woodlouse?
  3. I didnt like it,the stupidist bit was towards the end when he is videoing the monster thing and he just stands there and get eaten what a bell end,hope Rambo is as good as it looks.
  4. The creature looks more like a cross between the monster from the black lagoon and the arse with legs from 'The Wall', the little ones are similar to the spiders from starship troopers.
  5. Saw it today! Wish I saw this thread before seeing it! Utter rubbish! Someone told me after the credits something happens but I was so bored by this point I left! Someone also told me you can see the monster drop into the sea, but again I was half asleep! The best bit of the film is watching the women explode!

  6. i saw this saturday i thought it was absolutely pony i told everyone in my office not to go and see it

    as you said the only decent bit is when the birds head explodes

    im waiting for rambo looks pukka :D
  7. Thank you troops for your comments, I now do not intend to see it at the cinema, I fact I will wait till it's on ITV so i can have a coffe and a piss during the commercial breaks. I HAVE JUST SAVED APPROX £6. THANK YOU.
  8. Save your £6 and go see The Bucket List when it comes out. I've just watched it, very funny.
  9. avoid JUNO, thats an aweful movie aswell!
  10. one of the worst iv ever seen
  11. anyone ant a sneak look at the film pm for link
  12. Well. **** you lot - I liked it! :D

    Seriously, it did really well to captivate the Joe-Bloggs-Average-Civvy caught up in a disaster. Really good suspense - and the shakey camera work was spot on to help emphasisie this imo.

    Brilliant film. I would give it 8/10. Definately worth another watch in my books (plus local cinema tickets only cost £4.75 each)
  13. Pile of shiite much the same as 'i am legend' as said.
    And what was up with the abbot lookalike using medieval tactics of charging down the street like a bloody knight.

    Never mind the septics firing their m16s whilst charging down the street, i mean if bloody missles are doing fudge all i dont think yer peashooters are gonna hurt it.

    Theres about a minute of action and in that minute you see bugger all cause of the crappy camera effect. Imho the who videocamera effect does not suit an action/thriller like this.

    For some reason it reminded me of a documentry?

  14. It reminded me of a shite film. That first person type ballix gives me a sore head. And the sound wasn't great.

    I wonder when Sir Eddie Irvine's film about Blair Mayne is due?
  15. Did'nt know there was one - who's playing the big man?