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Cloud Atlas - David Mitchell

Hi All,

I've just finished this. The book takes you through a series of inter related tales, from the South Sea Diary of an American Notary of letters and law, to the pre execution tale of a fabricant human, detailing her rise from slave to ascended human in a post nuclear Korea.

The book is brilliantly written, the use of language and phrase throughout the different times it covers show the level of research that must have gone into the book.

Trouble was, i couldnt get into it. The last couple of hundred pages were very hard to complete, and the book found its way into the smallest room to be used as a during dump past time.

I'm sure that someone with a slightly longer attention span than mine would find this book facinating. It didnt keep me in the grip of a story, so didnt really suit me. That said, you cant fault the author for the effort that went into writing it.


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