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Have you heard the clothing store is open..................................NOT! Shock how come when ever you go to the clothing store its allways seems to be shut no matter what time of day it is. What does the QM´s rat boy do all day for him to be shut? If its not shut then its de-kits allday but then again its that all orientated saying STORES ARE FOR STORING, M&S went bust through out europe because of there out of date no dad clothes, So i think Q&M army wide should get dis-spanded because of the likes of NO2 dress being just as bad no dad clothes as marks and spencers. 8) 8)  :eek: :eek:


Obvoiusly none of you seem to know, Don´t you try to exchange your kit or what scruff bags  ;)
Hey Trog.......
Just because you have to keep changing your's all the time because you keep s**tting yourself in them, does'nt mean to say that we're all the same!!!!

hahahahahaha - Got you back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trog, I can't see what the problem is. It couldn't be easier, you just pick up the phone, ring the RQMS tell him what it is you need, remembering to select the correct size and colour, and then 10 minutes later the RQ's biff, brings your order to your office. No paperwork, no signatures, and no exchange. Easy. Iv'e had more problems getting pizzas delivered!


Some of us don´t work in offices, plus more to the fact are you to lazy to get off your own fat backside and walk up there ??? "yeah just pick up the phone....................etc etc blah blah blah" who do u think you are the pope or something " just cos i wrote the pope it is nothing religious abusive intended"
we actually have to make an appointment for our civvy storeman to exchange or issue kit & usually he's not got it or its not in your size.


I´m not surprised they don´t have it in your size, Look at the sizes of some of you nurse´s NOT all some ;D
I just really do not think it is cool for The Tara to have to do his own shopping. What is the point of having the big badge if you do not get any priviledges.
Also, do females in the Army when they need kit issuing or exchanging, visit every Q Stores in the Garrison (and no doubt adjoining garrisons), and then go back to the first store they visited anyway?
true some of my profession really need to go to the tentage store for exchanges. Yes but after getting us to fill in measurement charts for c'bat95 about 7 times u'd think that they'd have an idea what sizes they need. And then of course there's unicom that any canges to sizing and it sulks.
no no no people, if u need new kit, get in contact with the med centre or med Sgt - we get an endless supply of uniform - Cassim.
invariably it is all brand new, due2 all the blerks leaving, they hand in all their clothes and they're due 2 be burnt (Because of infection)
so i have a complete set (and some)of unifiorm going spare (or surplus 2 requiement)
UNICOMS down what a shock but they still want you to have nice shiny kit on monday mornings!

Bring back the old book and signiture routine never had any problems then and it never took an age to get a new pair of boots.
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