Clothing store Blandford.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by, Oct 1, 2009.

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  1. So thereyou are, waiting outside for 20 mins, chap in front of you waiting 40 mins, chap in front of him an hour. Your 3rd in line, and the lines 7 long...

    Then weesel man comes out and says hes shutting for his break...

    Weesel quickly debriefd .....

    WHY in such a busy camp with so many phase 2's, perm staff etc, do they run a clothing store with 1 and a 1/2 people. They average 5,yes 5 people an hour! And thy close during NAAFI and lunch times, prime time for the phase 2's to do stuff when they are out of class.

    AND THE STOREMEN ARE NOT PEOPLE PEOPLE if you catch my drift..

    Then an Officer comes in, Fook me, Weesel turns into the bigest ass kissing cuunt youve seen....

  2. I know of a particular clothing store (notice it;s not called clothing issues!) that only opens for 2 hours a day three days a week (this particular Sigs Regt only works 4 days a week anyhow!) because it needs the rest of the time to stocktake!! How about issuing more kit, then you'd have less stock to fckin take!!!!

    Rant over!

    edited for fat-fingered ranting speeling mistooks.
  3. Would the nearest big city be Dublin, at all?
  4. Does Pete the Pieman still work there?
  5. PETE is a top chap, he is still stiching away in his tailors shop..not sold any pies for a few years mind..
  6. Does he still have sweeties on the counter?
  7. Well, well, things have changed.

    In the 50's at Gallowgate Camp, Richmond, they could process a complete recruit troop in about ten minutes flat.

    You were marched in one door, along the main counter, staffed by an assortment of oddbods, each one dishing out a particular item, berets, BD blouses, BD trousers, ammo boots, webbing, drawers cellular, PT kit, housewives KFS, mess tins, dog tags etc,, all this piled into your arms, and then marched out of another door and staggered off to your billet where you tried to make some kind of sense of it all.

    You blokes have got it made...tailored uniforms, pre- shrunk berets, webbing you don't have to blanco, no brass to polish and you are moaning about having to hang around for a few minutes.......feck me're a bunch of poofs. :D :D

  8. You were lucky, we have to go out and find our own now.
  9. Strange that 'once a maverick', I always got a little tingle everyime that I unwrapped the the thing, :D

    Somehow linked in with the bromide they put in our tea. Great stuff for a conspiracy theorist there.
  10. got to 2 sigs...try and get any clothing from the civvie hag that works there.!
  11. Or the ones at 30.

    Although to be fair, I believe they do have to pay for everything in the store themselves...
  12. When there are TA recruits still lacking uniform six months in, that's when I wonder what the bloody hell the stores do-that said, my own stores are not bad, and I know there's demand for Ops!
  13. OH MY GOD times have changed..Your the boaring * that say ' in my day' etc etc.....Guess you must have been well busy with tours back then, with your shinny brass buckles and gaitors..YOUR the poof, a bloody boaring poof. Now do one TW@
  14. Talking of stores, can we issue

    1 x Humour, Sense of

    1 x Rail Warrant, Old Fart's ;)