Clothing sizes - Civvy equivalents

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by EX_STAB, Apr 11, 2008.

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  1. I can't find this so here's the question.

    How does the MoD clothing size system work?

    If I have a jacket marked 180-116 what does that mean?

    I'm guessing it means a 180cm high bloke with a 116cm chest but could someone summarise it?
  2. All clothing sizes in centimeters so is just a matter of finding out which number is associated with which part of your body, and dividing by 2.5 (to give an appoximation in inches)

    180/116 is approximateley 6' tall and a 46" chest might one suggest at least XL
  3. I think the trousers go ---> height/waist/inside leg

    the issue kit sizing has always been a bit of a mystery to me anyway
  4. allways thought it was ,yes that will fit
  5. Doh!!!!!!!

    So, as my trousers are 75/88/104, by your reckoning I am about 2'6" tall, 35" waist and and inside leg of 41".

    trousers are actually sized leg-waist-bum, numb-nut.
  6. I did say 'I think' and that the sizing is a mystery to me

  7. Fair enough chief.

    Actually, my old chap told that when he was in, all clothing came in two sizes.............
    ...........too big or too small!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I make that about right!!!

    Another question, do fitting officers have to do a course to be so shoit at the job they do??
  9. My entire uniform was issued around my combat helmet? I walked into the stores, clutching sizes as requested! disgruntled Sgt looks me up and down slaps a combat helmet on my head twists it vigorously, nods to himself and dissapeared.....disemboded voice yells...."Boot size?" I yell back "Er...Five!" returns with armfuls of kit, a still polythene wrapped 'ops' bag and longback bergan (I'm barely 5'7'' FFS!)

    "There you go, you're signing for...and he rattles off an list of kit at impressive speed pointing to random things in the pile! sign here, here and here.....NEXT!"

    I struggle out spewing kit everywhere like an admin vortex, still clutching my unused size list! and sporting my still askew helmet.

    My gorgeous sexy blue issue sports shorts were so tight that a small child would have trouble getting them on, when I polietly asked for an exchange I got another pair! The same fricking size! I haven't asked again!
  10. 190/120 fits fat blokes - I KNOW :oops: