Clothing Models Wanted - and some other T Shirt stuff.

As I'll be revamping the shop shortly, I would be grateful for any photos of budding clothing models wearing the T-Shirts (with or without heads!). I'd particularly like good photos of the new ones (NAAFI Bar Reg, Virtual General and Fox-e-lady) as we're still using mock up pictures, which is far from ideal.

As an aside, I did the maths today and we have just broken even on the shirts (ignoring my time making the online shop to pay the designer etc) - obviously we have quite a lot in stock now, so it'll actually be income rather than expense for the first tiome. Thanks for your support T-shirt buyers, and I'm glad all the effort that went in was worthwhile.

As another aside. the designer is the brother of my flatmate, a professional clothing designer although normally for surfy type stuff - Animal and so on. He's extremely good as those with 'Seen your ARRSE' shirts in particular will have seen. Drop me an email if you need any platoon shirts doing or whatever and I'll put you in touch.
Me Me - LJH has the photos.

Slug xx
Could you email anything suitable to me at They may not get through if the files are very big, but we can only try!

It goes without saying that exotic locations are a must - lying across the bonet of a Ferrari in Hollywood, standing on a yacht in Barcelona, holding a pint while half pissed in the local - that sort of thing.

And no, that's not Palace Barracks I'm talking about.


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If you want a 'Big is Beautiful' section then I'm your man. If someone has a wide angle lens then I am available.
Will try some more tomorrow. Its a Fox-E-Lady day tomorrow. Grandma will expect an explanation, but hey?
Dale, the only things you can model are spark plugs and SAS balaclava's :D
Mighty_doh_nut said:
Dale, the only things you can model are spark plugs and SAS balaclava's :D
Tosser :wink:
I have just attempted to buy said, fox-e-lady t-shirt, only to find you only have small & medium! Now those among you who know me will chuckle at the thought of me in a medium t-shirt, but breathing is unfortunately a must!

I will be happy to model the shirt (for free of course), but only if you could possibly find me a large !

Thank you muchly

Sorry Gado - we won't be doing another order of ladies' shirts for a while as we have loads of them!

How about a "Seen Your ARRSE"? We've got most sizes in stock, in Sand and Olive at least.

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