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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Redcap, Mar 10, 2006.

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  1. Can you exchange clothing with any unit?
    If "no" how do you change kit if your unit has no clothing account?
    If "yes" is there any unit in London prepared to do so?
  2. Hi

    Not sure of the official policy but I have exchanged clothing through other units with no problem. You only need a name rank and number I belive to exchange. Of course it also depends on how helpful the QM staff are and if they have what you need to exchange.

    Would offer to help but where I am at present I can only get my hands on USA issued kit :) Sorry mate and good luck I am sure someone will help you ut even if you are an RMP :) (if not deny it quickly I am sure you will get offers flooding in!)

  3. RHQ has a clothing account surely? How did you get your uniform to start with? Can't you go where you got it from in the first place?
  4. Clothing Accounting in units on UNICOM has now complicated things. If you are not on a unit's UNICOM system then technically you cannot carry out exchanges with that unit. That said there are of course ways around this and I am sure someone will help you. Have you tried Irish Guards in Wellington Barracks? who also admin HQ London District and all the Household Division bands?
  5. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    I do believe that all the odds and sods in London district are administrated by the Irish Guards in Wellington Barracks.

    This withstanding we are all admincon to a unit if not you should speak to your nearest formationG4 rep, who will advise and appoint a unit to admin yourself.

    However I think there must be one already, PM me your details and I will engage Lon Dist on your behalf.

  6. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Who is your administering unit in London? Most are looked after by the RQMS LONDIST in Chelsea barracks.