Clothing Entitlement.

I am lost and confused. I am part of the MPGS and I am after finding out what entitlement I have for getting cold weather clothing. I have been to see 2 different clothing stores and got 2 different answears, I have even tried up my chain of command but got no clear answear there either. Please Help.
Norwegian shirt, fleece and smock not enough? They're all normal scalings surely and used together are toasty warm - especially when used in conjunction with a cosy guard hut!
@ OP your not at a RN by any chance as I had a similar past experience.What exactly are you looking for?

Anyway, your cold weather entitlement includes the 'issued' softie jacket, norgy shirt however Jersey heavy wool is not due to the softie jacket now being issued.

Info received from our guardroom staff..

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