Clothing Demands

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by acrab!, Aug 18, 2006.

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  1. I am a crab cpl supplier, and the wife has just dicked me too work in the stores of the local sea cadet unit!, all clothing demands is now through the army system, so i am looking for any contacts out there, i imagine all the clothing stuff is through bicester? (I have little knowledge of the army system as its mainly civvies who work in raf clothing stores)
  2. Don't worry it's a two size system, too small or too big.

    I'll get me coat :D
  3. If you are a crab Cpl Stacker, you'd better get a grip and know your trade. Seeing as clothing is Army managed ranges, the RAF system goes to the same place (but without USAS).

    Ask about at work - at least a SNCO will have clothing stores experience!
  4. Be fair, Mr C, he might be a 'clothing stores dodger' - and who can blame him! I expect he's a whizz with the dip tape...

    But as you say, ask around the Squadron, someone ought to know or, heaven forbid, check out one of the APs.
  5. As i said we have civvies working in clothing stores, blue suits dont work in there, they sometimes have a snco, but the majority of snco's have no clothing stores experience either. As a cpl i would only work in a clothing stores on det, and i know my trade very well, being experienced in fuels, explosives, dangerous goods, etc etc. I have been in 16 years and unlike the army you dont make cpl in a few years in our trade. Anyway thanks for your constructive comments!!
  6. As someone who has seen nearly every TMT1 & TMT2 course in the last year or so, I appreciate there are a broad range of skills and experiences promoted. However, I would expect a TG18 Cpl to have the wherewithal to get to grip with Army clothing demands. There are still clothing stores out there with blue suits in and most of the civvies in them are ex serving anyway. Your trade is far more than F&L, EX & DG - they are important, but the rest is too.
    It was a serious point about asking around. Failing that, the JSP336 is fairly good at giving you all 3 aspects of any supply matter.
    Or you could ask the higher authority who your demands will be passed to - I am sure they'd appreciate an expert loggie ensuring they get what they need to do their job!
  7. I only posted to see if any army guys had dealings with the sea cadets,I have read the jsp 336, it doesnt cover the sea cadets only the ccf and air cadets, as the sea cadets is a charity i.e it is not supported in any logistics way by the raf. They used to deal solely with the navy but apparently its only recently that the army have become involved. I posted this while on nights, so havn't had the chance to speak to the guys in clothing stores yet.
    Thats why I used my initiative and asked here!! My missus and her instructors are having a knightmare with the new system as apart from the missus they are all civvies, who have never dealt with the army, thats why i got dicked into it!