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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by nigmet, Jan 15, 2009.

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  1. Hello fellow gunners!!
    i wonder if any s/ncos or officers from "gods regt"
    help me i am ex 5 hvy regt but now with the ACF! I am after getting hold of a xxl regt blue jumper and also a pacestick! the blue jumper i cant find anywhere at all that sells them!but really after a used one for expense!!Also after a used pacestick for a reasonable price!!

    ex gunner in need for help!!!

  2. As a slight aside from the request above and no doubt some may see this as a silly question, but; Is the marching pace for cadets the regulation 30 inches or is it less due to them, on average, being smaller in height than soldiers?
  3. Not 100% sure how relevant it is, but while at the Duke of York's school, the school RSM used to teach a 30" pace, and used his (presumably) full-sized GREN GDS pacestick to measure it...
  4. In my experience ACF Instructors don't really require blue jumpers (who wears then these days) and most certainly no need for a pace stick unless of course you are a RSMI - try the ACF forum

  5. replying to the bigun! No the pace is exactly the same as regulation 30 inches ! you do at times need to slow the pace down to counteract there heights at times!!With the question about pacesticks i suppose it is down to the county you are with but as a Csm or SMI In our county they are quite within their rights to carry a pacestick! Not to open it but to carry it! And I no somebody will come on and say if you have'nt done the "small arms drill course " You can't carry it! But it all depends on their commandant! I don't no if the regt still wears the blue jumpers ! But as an ex gunner and proud of it , if they are still wearing them, then I would as well!!!
    Lets be honest they do look smart!!
  6. I'm almost certain my pullover came from the Stevenage Knitting Company (the manufacturers). I don't have contact details anymore, but no doubt a google will do the trick?
  7. Oh lookee lookee what I found on an ebay trip

    Don't you just love Ebay

    Its XL mind, I'm half tempted myself if I had a reason to wear it
  8. are they gona get a beasting? :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  9. Hello Mate!
    Yes i am interested what length is it ! And how much ! Is the prize question!