Clothing and load carriage for REME

Discussion in 'REME' started by kitmonster, Feb 22, 2008.

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  1. During a visit to sandy locations the boys and girls in the workshops were complaining about how the back of all their desert coveralls were ripping. They had hundreds like it and although they had done nothing about it (like tell someone back in UK) they did have some suggestions about what should be modified. I said I would give it a go if I ever had the chance…
    Most of the clothing and load carriage gets designed around the Infantry and 10 minutes of work goes into thinking about REMEs needs for every week that is devoted the infantry. Now that’s all well and good and as soldiers first and tradesman second; but…
    What changes to things like tank suits, coveralls, holdalls, bags etc do we want and what new kit might we need? Would a tactile oil resistant glove be of any use? What about boots? Beanie hat or cravat, the choice is yours.
    Please feel free to take the p*ss but if you have a good idea then say what it is. If any sensible ideas come up then I reckon that I can pursued someone to make some samples for trials if its clothing or load carriage. We are a sizable chunk of the forces and much smaller groups get their own kit so its not idle talk
    I await the REME ARRSE considered response.
  2. I have a nice REME cravat. Looks good on the piss in the mess, but i suspect you look a tw@t when you walk home.
    Good job the excess of alcohol makes you oblivious to people laughing at you.
  3. I have seen the REME cravats in the Corps shop and wondered a) has anyone ever bought one and b) have they dared to wear it

    My question has been answered.
  4. Make "Cop Vests" or whatever they're called standard issue. The normal webbing is a pain in the arrse if you're vehicle bound.
  5. They are arnt they? been available for Ops since 2004
  6. 180/116 coveralls for the stouter individual who isn't 6'5". :D
  7. As REME we all know the score with EFR's from users for kit that 'Fell off the shelf, was like it when I signed for it, it just stopped working, etc, etc' but how many of us fill out the forms when stuff goes a bit shoite? EFR crap clothing - QM's Dept love the attention! :wink:

    If it's shoite - EFR it! I got loads of replies thanking me for my EFR's. (Also, lots of replies reminding me that 100% EFR reporting for said item has long since stopped. To which I normally drop them a polite note telling them the said item is still shoite and has not modified, replaced or binned all together.)
  8. onThey may love the attention but getting their attention is another thing.

    Whenever you walk in to the QM's howmany times has you heard "I have A stock take to deal with come back this afternoon " only to find the dept shut in the afternoon for some lame a*sed excuse.

    A stacker who believes that kit is to be issued instead of stored would be nice.

    Is there an EFR for storeman faults.
  9. Sounds like my place.
  10. How about one of the but in DPM, then we can spanner and drink at the same time. (Obviously taylored for the two can only theatres!). Hell we could even slot a REME cap badge in the front, then we could salute the orrificers!

  11. weapons disguised as toolboxes?
    toolboxes disguised as weapons?
    covies with velcro down the sides so you can tear them off in a contact, down tools and grab your MP5/toolbox and spring into action
  12. Lycra covvies.

    nuff said....
  13. Some kind of Goretex 8800 pad.
  14. boil in the bag ABRO
  15. How about we just get all the kit that we need for theatre BEFORE we actually go there! We knew we were going on Telic 10 2 years before we went, and we still had to wait until nearly 2 months into the tour before we recieved everything we needed ( although we still never got everything we were promised).
    I was particularly pleased to recieve my under-Osprey shirt 3 weeks before EOT.
    Also, informing QM departments that some REME, particularly Recy Mechs and VM's actually do go out the gate would be nice. Maybe then, they might actually do their job and give us what we need instead of holding it back for their own. ( No names 3LSR.......)