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Sourced a supplier today - the main boss wasn't there to discuss discounts etc but even without the discounts the price for T-shirts was:

Setup fee - £50.00
T-Shirt - £6.95

So using my simple mathematics by ordering a run of 50 t-shirts they would work out at £7.95 each.  Taking into account the stipulation that £1 goes to the ABF that takes the cost to £8.95.

If I sell these through the PRI shop I would have to add 10% onto the cost price (0.80) making the total cost, special price, just for you - £9.75.

However, as I have said I haven't even asked for a discount yet but I am positive one would be forthcoming.  (They have already agreed not to charge me VAT however!)

Incidentally the supplier I spoke to also does the sweats, rugby tops, drill tops, baseball hats etc.  Unfortunately they won't do single orders, but a bulk order can be as little as 10 items!

Obviously the first run would include the setup fee but future orders, if any, would be less this price.

Thoughts, possible numbers please..........
The only thing we insist on is that £1 is added to the price and donated to the ABF.  I'm also interested in how you propose to collect money, distribute T-Shirts, etc
Already included in the quoted price BadCO.  So if I get 50 orders for the first run thats £50 smackers to the well deserving ABF.

As for collecting money and distributing - anyone who wishes to order should message me with size, colour and amount.  I will then e-mail them with unit address and payee (a service fund bank account).

T-shirts will be taken on as a stock item within my PRI so all accounting and business practices will be above board.

I take it that means you are happy for production to start?
Can I suggest that you set up an ebay shop (really easy to do) and then use paypal.  That way everyone is protected.  If you need more info I can email it to you
We need a better price.
PTP - it was possible to get a lower price, however this would have meant lesser quality T-shirts and to be honest with an embroidered badge you need a heavier material.

I also forgot to mention that the supplier is screen-printing the back of the T-shirt with the site address free of charge!

But if people really want cheaper I can go back...................
Can I suggest that you set up an ebay shop (really easy to do) and then use paypal.
Postage costs would then have to be added onto any purchase.  Using the PRI would make postage a legitimate trading expense and thus deductable.

But I take your point, what does everyone else think?
I'm starting to see why this thread died on it's arrse the first time around. ;D

But if that's what it takes to get arrse to the masses then I will look at (or take suggestions on, please) methods of supply and delivery.

Incidentally, since suggesting this only 3 people (4 if I include myself) have expressed interest - am I wasting my time?

And if I do it as an online thing would I have to tell the taxman?

BadCO? - heeeeeeelp!!
I'm sure we can put a "sticky" link to this thread in other forums.....and there will soon be a banner for paypal which we could 'randomize' with one for the T-shirts etc...

I for one will definately buy at least two Ts if through fact, the money is in my PP account already! ;D
Just a few thoughts:

If we (I) use paypal doesn't that mean I have to buy the T-shirts out of my own (and not PRI's) pocket first?

If there's a paypal link on this site and people are paying in does that mean I will then need to keep a constant supply of T-shirts?

If I'm running it through paypal doesn't that mean I will know all your personal details anyway?

Why is this getting so complicated?
None taken lipstik ;)

Im a bit wary of giving out my mobile number or address etc. to someone on site.
Which is right and proper - but unless you can think of a way for me to magically transport a T-shirt to your location then I can't see any way round it.

Even with paypal, which I believe lets you safely transfer money between e-mail addresses, the supplier (in this case me unless someone else wants to take it on) would have to have a delivery address for the order.

Also, if you don't want anyone to know that you're a member of arrse why buy a T-shirt advertising the fact?  

Or am I missing something?

Not having a dig at anyone, but I think that valid points have been raised by all (myself included).
Has this idea died a death?  

If this is to ever go ahead, i have a very good supplier for T-Shirts and stuff.

Very reasonable, and she didn't charge me a set up fee.  (saved me £70 on the next cheapest quote)
The sticking point is the logo (copyright issues) and also admin.  (Thassapoint!...where did Mr Potato Head go?....

Will also be much better for all concerned if folks can order single items rather than someone having to do a bulk run/hold stocks etc.  £1 to ABF per sale is required too.

Drop Bad CO a PM..... :)

P.S. Are they embroidered?


Advertise your Arrse :p

Have YOU Ordered your Arrse T-shirts yet?! 8)
I ordered two a short while ago and they arrived safely this morning. ;D ;D
They are excellent quality  ;Dand the embroidered logo is superb ;D - I'm absolutely delighted! :p
Thankyou so much SoldierWhy for setting this up for us! :-*
Don't miss spread your arrse! :eek:
Don't miss out on this batch- PM SoldierWhy with your order NOW!! ;D ;D 8)

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