Clothing and Fashion Accessories!

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Jip Travolta, Oct 22, 2002.

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  1. /images/Eagle/arrseteedemof.jpg/images/Eagle/arrseteedemob.jpg

    Yes, I know you want one.............waaaaant ooooooone!!!....... ;)

    If some kind soul could do a bit o' research into pricing (I'll supply the artwork) maybe between us we will finally get the presses rolling!

    [edit]...that'll be me then! ;)...[edit]

    White and Olive Green are likely bets and Khaki is very...erm...'seasonal' *cough*! ;) ;)
  2. The price is likely to be based on the numbers ordered. Any one of a dozen places who advertise in Soldier will print them.
  3. Can we have :

    "Are you looking at my ARRSE?"

    or  "Does my ARRSE look big in this?"

    on the back?
  4. You can have 'kick me' on the back of yours, baby.
  5. Sweetie,

    I'd wear it, but only when I'm out with you in yours. And yours is going to say :

    "I'm a complete pain in the ARRSE!"

    .....and the hits just keep on rolling.....
  6. Have you finished that ironing yet?
  7. Does my ARRSE look big in this pinny?
  8. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Olive-Drab and Khaki please Eagle.  You know where to find me.  And i will have two of each. No B-S
  9. What I'm thinking of doing is getting the artwork to the printer (final design in agreement with the CO's of course), supplying their address and then letting people order them directly......

    It might be a little more costly for the individual per item, but it would prevent a financial disaster with a big run and few takers....not to mention the admin nightmare of taking orders / posting stuff / returns etc etc etc.... ;)

    Thoughts? :)
  10.  yep, that seems to be a sensible solution. I've been caught on the wrong end of T-shirt deals.

    Are we getting this embroidered? Far better than screen-print, and worth the extra money.

    Have you considered offering the lucky punter who gets the job a space here on our ARRSE to advertise his wares....for a suitable discount obviously.

    May be an idea to get a rough cut of how many T-shirts we'll be ordering so that "they" can work out a price.  Can you set up a T-shirt vote list thingy somewhere on the site?
  11. Both options could be available - there are many outlets that will do both!  In fact there are certain suppliers that will offer a whole gamut off stuff from one caps, sweatshirts even boxers (apt place for the logo I suppose!).......

    Good plan - a link for us punters to click on to get the t-shirts in the first place.....dámn!, I'm Minister for Propaganda, why didn't I think of that?! ;D

    Up to the COs though - it's their train set. ;)

    Again, over to the COs for that one!.....maybe when we've got a couple of potential suppliers sorted out we'll run that poll. ;)
  12. I have contacted FIVE suppliers today re embroidered T's and sweatshirts....wait, out! ;)
  13. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Well I notice that Eagle has also started a poll so that is up and running.  As for putting an ad/link on the site then that will be no problem either.  My only stipulation for this T-Shirt malarky is that £1 on each shirt goes to the ABF/RBL.
  14. ...and so it shall be done! ;D
  15. Not only T's but I've sourced a potential supplier for the following: ;D

    Skinni t's
    Polo Shirts
    Sweat Shirts
    Rugby Shirts
    Casual Shirts
    Fitness Wear

    .....and in a comprehensive range of colours and garment weights!

    The initial set-up fee for the project is likely to be between £50-£100* but after that, we 'arrses' will be able to order, even single items, direct from the supplier.....with no obligation to buy in bulk! ;D  This obviously has it's down-side in that items will be slightly more expensive than if part of a bulk run.  However, I'm sure you can understand that neither the COs or we Admins will have the time to run such an arrse industry!  (And what if we had to deploy? :eek:)

    I'll post more info as and when I know..... ;) 8) ;D

    *FAO Admins/Mods - I'd be prepared to split the set-up fee with yuz!  Between us, it'd only be the price of a round I'm sure.... ;)

    To the 'Batcave'!!! ;)