Clothing and body armour sizes ??

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by SneakyTeen, Dec 12, 2008.

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  1. How many sizes do the standard issue clothes and body armour come in ?? As by the time i finish growing i have the feeling i will be around 6'10" !!
  2. One size fits all??? I'll remember that when I have to squeeze in to size 80/80/96 CS95 trousers.(20 years ago maybe)
  3. I don't recall having CS95 trousers 20 years ago...
  4. ok, lightweights with puttees if you like but point is not all clothing is same size. Somebody may be just picking a fight.
  5. I used to fit 80/80/96 as well, though looking at my reserve kit now I have difficulty believing that I could ever have worn it.
  6. what height are you now then? I'm 6'7" and have no issues with op kit these days.
  7. Im 6'7" aswell, is the kit you wear loose on you or is it almost to small ??
  8. It is fine - plenty room in it and the trousers are much longer these days too. The 190/120 shirts are loose and the same smock is very roomy indeed.
  9. Thanks for the information mate, its pretty reassuring. :D
  10. 190/120 Height/chest is the highest my list says (may be shortened Cadet Force one, but I don't think so). After that there's special issue, so the clothes will fit. Body armour (from what I have found/seen/heard) also goes big.

    190cm should fit persons upto about 6'7"
    120cm means a chest of 47" (I'm 50" chest and it fits me, slightly tight, but then I'm fat due to disability)
  11. Thanks for the detailed reply !
  12. sneakyteen ,at the age of 15 i think clothing and body armour sizes are the least of your worries in your military career. please stop it with bone theads :roll:
  13. omg, back the fcuk off of me, whats with the people on this site, since im 15 and 6'7" i think if i grow much more then it could be an issue, will all of you idiots stop making 'BONE' posts in constructive and personally informative threads.
  14. What the fcuk is it with you? You haven't even passed selection to AFC Harrogate yet, but you're posting about special forces and whether the body armour will fit you. Do you really think you'll be the only tall person in the army? Of course it's a fcuking stupid question.

    Wind your neck in and learn to walk before you run. Being enthusiastic is a good thing; being a gobshite who pisses people off with their incessant gibbering and arrogance isn't.
  15. I love the way people on this site hate people that try and cover all of their bases, its just a fcking question that i had in my mind so i decided to ask experienced people, get over it, you didnt have to click on this thread did ya really, why do you have to start these things, learn some self control :roll:
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