CLOTHES01 50 ways to kill a Chinese spammer

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by actiontoday, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. 1. Drown him in soy sauce
  2. shove some chopsticks uip his japeseye with chilli sauce
  3. Yeh what would have been better would have been to IP ban him a week ago, when he started.
  4. Print all his spam onto individual sheets of A4 sized glass. Then shove them up his arrse. With a hammer. And chilli sauce as a lubricant.
  5. Send in a Fallschirmmongsturm brigade with a briefing that all Chinese spammers are actually made of Ice cream.
  6. That's an interesting idea for a relatively small brain. Care to explain how you would ban an almost infinite number of IP addresses without cutting off entire ISPs? I was also not aware that scripts being run from a machine could now be referred to as 'him'.

    I'll look forward to your solution.

    In answer to the topic: Cheese grate his knob from the bellend downwards, then when there's a but a tiny stump left, jab pins into the exposed flesh and wire him up to an electric fence. Throughout this time he will of course have been tarred to a rather hot surface by his nipples, eyelids and lips.
  7. If people stopped replying to then the spammers messages woul;d not keep getting bumped. :x
  8. Personally I've been using his/her/its email addresses to ask for information about all kinds of sex aids, performance enhancers, penis enlargers, drugs, ladyboys, etc.,
  9. Doesn't make any differene, he keeps flooding new forums with new messages ..regardless of whether or not we reply.
  10. Pass a rumour round the internet that Tibetan seperatists are using spamming to coordinate an insurgency. Then just keep your eyes on the Amnesty International website.
  11. The point being that they would drop off the 'last 20 posts' board soon enough. Its not like the spamming twat is keeping an eye on their threads and reads all the abuse we are posting.

    cough 'troll cloak' cough
    edited twice for utter mongtype
  12. Are there many posters from China on here?, why can't an IP ban be done, other forums do it.....and was there a need for the personal insult, or are we just being internet hardman today?
  13. A lot of bots will not have IP addresses relevant to their geographic location - using a bnc they can pretty much have use of IP addresses from anywhere in the world.

    And no there wasn't any need, I'm just a cnut... I was half way through being annoyed with chinese spammers so you got the brunt of my frustration, apologies. I am a hard man, though. :D
  14. So our only option is to nuke China....just to be sure? :twisted:

    and Apology accepted, I'm Irish, so I trump your hardman :lol: :wink:
  15. touché...