Clothes "Mother" Made You Wear....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by rottenjonny, Oct 29, 2008.

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  1. What clothes did your parents make you wear that you hated ?

    I was the ultimate catalogue kid of the early 80's . Kays, Rattans, Littlewoods, Freemans etc, when the catalogues where the Shiite of the earth. How my Mother embarrassed me, goes beyond belief!

    I would have liked 9 hole Dr Martins, but got 4 hole Monkey boots! I wanted Levi jeans but got Pepe stretch ones, I looked like a golf club side way on.

    As for "The Fon'z" black leather jacket, I got an Ox blood PVC one! I wanted Adidas Kick, I got Wizkids trainers! When opening my Christmas presents I hated every single second of it! Thanks mum & dad, you cheapskates!

    But... The models in my mums catalogue provided a lot of pleasure to a 13 year old prick! :D
  2. I'm so boring, but you took time to reply. James Hunt!
  3. In my teens I wore a light coloured shirt with small mauve plums all over it.
  4. A rather loosly fitting bright pink dress. The rest of my football team always sat away from me for some reason. Saying that though it did keep my plums cool in the summer.

    Taxi for one..........
  5. My dear old mum used to make me wear clothes fashioned from the flayed skin of disadvantaged kid's.

    I was a bit worried about it but she soothed my doubts by telling me that 'It's ok,no-one is going to miss some little pikey spawn anyway'.

    I had to draw the line when she made me a balaclava from the 'face' of a particularly grotty 9 year old.

    That was just wierd.
  6. Me mom used to make me wear a pair of red corduroy bellbottoms that I absolutely detested. Pair that with a green t-shirt that had "HOTSHOT" emblazoned all over the back and you can imagine the pain I went through during those formative years.

    Me little sister on the other hand had at fourteen this one t-shirt that said on the front: "Who needs brains when you have these?"

    She also had a pair of jeans that said in big silver letters across her behind: "Juicy."

    Never understood why she was more popular than I was.
  7. Girls knickers.
    Strapon dild0.

    Oh. Sorry. Just reread the thread title. Clothes your mother made YOU wear. I thought it said Clothes you made mother wear.
  8. We had to wear balaclava's and we weren't even in the f*cking UVF.
  9. probably because you were cnut then as well as now!!
  10. Tanktops and flares.

  11. A huge red knitted jumper from my granny, it was the itchy material too, i wish my mum got my clothes out for me still :(
  12. The man from the police said I'm not allowed to talk about this untill they take my mommy away,
    They said my mommy is going to a special place for different people and that she wont make me do it anymore.
    But I know she will
    Why does mommy make me do it?

    FFS its Mlaar wars: attack of the mongs all over again.
  13. Clothes you lot were lucky....we couldn't afford clothes.......ah
  15. My gin swilling B and H puffing Nan knitted the four of us Thomas the tank engine jumpers from wool which I assume could only have come from a Hebridean sheeps mud matted underbelly, had to wear the f*cking things to a typical Irish wedding that lasted 24 hours, I have been more comfortable laid in an OP for a week at the peak of winter on Warcop, RIP you child torturing lunatic !