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cloth badge

I have seen a cloth badge (will try to find a picture) that has a trident and a sword crossed and a pair of wings on it.

Does anyone know who this belonged to?. I know the descrirtion is not a lot to go by, but i am told it was around the world war 2 era. Not even sure what country it belonged to.

If anyone can point me in the right direction to recognise it i would be most grateful as i have been awake most of the night using Google and Wikipedia trying to find out what it was.

Not sure if it has some relevance to the Chindits.

It is on a mates phone, if i cant get it on here, i will use all my artistic talents (and paint) and try to do a reasonable drawing of it.

Sorry, attached it twice. That is pretty much it, apart form being a really crappy version i have done.


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