Closure of Oxford Barracks Medical Centre, Munster

Rumour has it that the Oxford Barracks Medical Centre is being closed down to save money. Does anyone know any more details? Are there examples of where this has happened elsewhere, particularly the bussing of a battalion and its families to a neighbouring barracks for routine medical treatment? Does it work and is it cheaper?
Its not just about money. There are a lot of issues such as CG (thank Shipman) and the need to use the budget to best effect. FAS will have some effect on Munster as well so they may even get a better Med Ctr. Its not totally decided whats happening yet.
Try this for a reason DCS 15 and the demise of the Defence Medical Services to route money to the Teeth arms.

There are only so many clinical teams - the NHS want them, the Private sector want them: other countries want them: and those that are so demoralised with the system - they retire :evil:

The extent is Health is so far down the food chain commanders do not do anything to help until it is close to home :oops: :twisted:

An example - Field Hospital is sent to an Operation - question to ask:

How many beds: how many Doctors: how many Consultants: HOW LONG CAN THEY SUSTAIN THE COMMITMENT

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