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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Outstanding, Jan 31, 2006.

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  1. About chuffin time - its a dump!!
  2. Any link by any chance, or is this just a desire of yours?
  3. Clickety
  4. Good one!
  5. Err, sorry, but which bit of it is a dump exactly? This?


    You're probably right, theres nothing to do there


    The month of May is particularly dull


    Christmas isn't so special, just nothing happening at all


    Nope, no local colour at all


    Swimming pool is crap too


    No, all in all, a UK garrison would be much nicer:

  6. I like Osnabruck, its better than places like Hohne in germany and def beats catterick as Hitch points out
  7. its toast!
  8. So are you saying catterick is better?
  9. Now I may be little crazy but I have been to both places and know which one I would rather drink cold lager and eat a schnelly in! what do you think?
  10. I'm with you Hitch,I was there 85 – 89 a great place if you can be bothered to go further than the Squadron bar or the Naafi.
  11. And I know which I prefer, addmitidly I only spent 2 weeks in Catterick.
  12. I spent a year in catterick and was in Osnabruk last year for a day - OSNABRUK wins!!
  13. There you go then, I'm pretty happy I don'thave to go to Catterick, but its sh*t on the lads who do.
  14. I was at Catterick for 3 years and ive been in Osnabruck off and on for 3 years ,
    i know which one i prefer ,''ein grosse beer und ein gyros mit mayo bitter ''