Closure of jhq & move back

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by Outstanding, Aug 11, 2011.

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  1. The closure of JHQ is still on track for 2013, although details are still to be released.

    So which Brigade will move back to UK first?
  2. My hard earned cash is on 7 bde.
  3. With you on that, and think that they are looking like conetenders for Scotland.
    Looks like the Logistic Capability Directorate will cenre on Lyneham, possible that Ayrshire Barracks in MG may have even more WFM storage sheds converted, to save taking Armour back to UK.
  4. Well early 2013 is not too far away now so where are all those dinosaurs in the Big House going & when ? What is happening to all the units, civvies (BFGHS, SCE etc) and real estate ? Will anyone extract those ancient MSF officers who have grown roots ?

    You take out 2 Xmas blocks, 2 summer leave and one Easter and you have about 12 months working time to achieve it but noone I have spoken to seemed to know what was happening to them, their family or their future. When is everyone finally shutting the door on their MQ or office. Is there some Top Secret masterplan or will they all be arriving at Dover in Mar 13 asking for directions ?

    My bet is that the last place to close will be the NAAFI canteen in the Big House cellar, I can still smell the burning grease from 5 years ago. I'll wager there are ARRC officers still down there on their coffee break who don't know they should be in Gloucester.
  5. I was there today and the difference from even a year ago is shocking. The owner of the pizza place was standing on the pavement touting for buisness!
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    I went in there during the BA(G) Rugby 7's, normally standing room only, but only 2 people in the place.

    Really depressing place to be at which is a shame. It seems talking to folk that there is some kind of plan and different people know different pieces of it, but the powers that be will not publish it all as it might then commit them to a timeline- which they may fail to achieve.
  7. Going back to the early 70s I can remember green (Army)Landrovers parked in front of the Naafia on a Saturday morning, "borrowed" to do the shopping! Blue ones (RAF) were significant by their absence. Nowadays the place is eerily quiet, things are closing down bit by bit. On the one hand it is hard to believe on the other it is happening and cannot be overlooked. And there is an overwhelming lack of information as to who is going, when and where.
  8. I can't really see the Eriks letting us use Ayrshire. They've got their own armour in there, so if we're jumping ship, my monies on them ****ing us off at the high port. The way Fife Bks was levelled and repaved to make way for fancy Pads, car parks and Borussia MG's new stadium, I reckon Ayrshire will get redeveloped too. Apparently Rheindahlen council don't want JHQ back, so they're looking at putting another HQ in it. There were rumours that one of the Joint Forces Commands will go in it, cos its the cheapest option to hundreds of private hirings to support lots of different HQ's
  9. Tel me about it - you can walk around JHQ at the weekend and see nobody!! The garage and most of the shops are gone, the place is becoming truly depressing. Having moved from Paderborn to this place you really notice the difference, there is little military life the the civvies are happy withdrawing to their own little worlds at the end of the day. The sooner JHQ closes the better, its only the civvies in their rent free quarters that will miss the place at the moment
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    Ayrshire is defo staying put and they may even increase the WFM Dry Air Storage Capability there, to put more of our Armour in.

    JHQ was considered by NATO as a new location for SHAPE from Mons, which would have been perfect - but apparently the Belgians went ballistic at the thought of losing the cash cow of about 5,000 +/-SHAPE international staff and the associated employment which would have crippled the very poor local area.
  11. PG, we will be using Ayrshire for another year or 3 as no one knows where to put all the gear. As for the grounds here in JHQ, the Stadt Mg has SFA to do with it, the property belongs to the Federal Govt through the Bundesamt für Immobilienangelegenheiten (I think that's the title). MGs problem is that it comes within their administrative area, and MG is broke. Various options have been considered, but a military use has been ruled out; we are going and the Bundeswehr is not interested in fact the Bw is reducing in size again. Most of the buildings here have seen better days, I know because I'm sitting in one of them right now and it's a heap.
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    And its about to rain - again!
  13. Not wishing to swing the lamp, but I can remember when it was the other way round. We used to bail out of PB on a Friday afternoon JHQ bound and stay there until Sunday. The place was jumping. We used to truly envy those who were posted there.Quite sad what's happening to the old place really.
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    Has PRB not taken that mantle fully. Suppose not as it will always be an airfield!!
  15. I've always considered PRB a right tip. Last time I was there certain elements had ghettoised parts of it and it looked like it was still waiting for the second part of it to be built. It just had that 'RLC' feel to it if you follow me. It will always be an airfield. I've always liked PB having served there twice and nearly turning civvy there. Great little town and well placed. Even the Germans aren't keen on Guetersloh.