Closure of Engr Pk (G)

I heard today that Wouldham(Hameln) is closing down and they are sending all the Engr resources to Dulmen.

This to my mind will be a travesty.

Wouldham struggle to deal with the stores they have let alone our Engr stores and also could the powers that be possibly find somewhere further away to collect and deliver stores.

Does anyone know for definate if this is going ahead and what the reason is.?
Heard that Wouldham was closing too, i beleve there was even a feasibility study done about sending the Rigs up there from Gundolph.

No idea why they closing it tho, must be a money thing.
Got told by a reliable 'source' at the big house (JHQ) a few weeks back that Hameln was safe from closure at present. I assume this includes the Engr Park.
Interestingly talking about Hamel, closing for xmas as they need to save money
stores are being moved to Dulmen , rigs are staying put ; the last heard on the grapevine ; Hameln is safe from closure as it´s part of Paderborn garrison ! or not :)
I got told when i was @ 21 that Hameln safe for at least 10 years. Now that was from the GOC, but what with FAS, and 23 doing a re-role who knows.
would be a shame if hameln went t1ts up.

i spent 7+ glorious years at 35 (2 tours) out-drinking & out-fighting the riggies :D :wink: :D :wink:
Once they find somewhere for the Rigs to go in the UK, and they are looking in to it, Hameln will be no more.
rigs in UK , yeah the war reserve is there , but do you really think the tree huggers in U.K. will let the dirty stinking diesel/oil/grease leaking rigs into there `Clean `river´s , Dont think so :)
Im only posting the information that was given to me by the GOC when i quized him about Hameln.

They were looking at the Thames as one place.

But this could have all changed seeing as i was told this about 2 years ago.

Are you worried about your easy money Megadeath?? Only TA unit in Germany, im sure you lot would be first to be disbanded before Hameln closed/re-roled.

Id be worried the Regiment is under re-role to CS Regt as it is, and if 23 re-role to CS Sqn for Herrick 11 who knows, they might not change back....

Then that would be the slippery slope to moving back to UK.
yeah we know , RUMOUR has it we take over the role of Amph complete , even if 23 re-role to CS . easy money yeah , just work out 10 year´s of bounty´s :)
megadeth said:
easy money yeah , just work out 10 year´s of bounty´s :)


:? :? :? :?
megadeth said:
I prefer the dark chocky ones in the red packet :)
just for you......................

sapper1743 said:
[align=center]....................FAR TOO MUCH TIME ON YER EFFIN HANDS[/align]
it was leave-time mate.

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