Closure of BFG locations

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by stinker, Jun 29, 2012.

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  1. Well why not both.

    They`ve got a final open day tomorrow afternoon 30th June where you can go along & indulge your fond memories for free.

    Next Friday the 6th July, they`re exercising the freedom of Celle for the last time with a farewell parade through town, where you can go along, line the route & exercise your right to shout good riddance !
  2. Really? Hobart Bks, Detmold closed years ago. ISTR industrial unrest from the LEC complaining that'd we'd overstayed our welcome. Then the Wall came down and the same mob demanded that we stay open to protect their jobs.
  3. You really are a truly unhappy soul aren't you?
  4. Oh please don`t bring back awfull memories of that depressing place, the hakedahl housing estate of tower blocks on the hill opposite the camp gate has got to qualify as a good riddance without question.
  5. I thought that might get you going.
  6. Spent three very happy years in Detmold as a singly, followed by several more as a pad. The wife-swapping parties on the Hak are the stuff of legend. I guess you got the toaster...........
  7. Did you indulge as a singlie or as a pad?
  8. Xmas invites for the tame singlie were always fun.
  9. It didn't. I'm merely bemused by your bitterness. You have yet to explain why you are so embittered.
  10. Fond memories of Trenchard brks, locked up for 8 hours after mistaken identity, Celle was great though.
  11. it had a bigger and better Pads NAAFI than Hameln though :)
  12. He wouldn't appreciate that. He wasn't allowed in.
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  13. The post reflects the simple truth that there are undoubtedly mixed feelings about the closure of Celle station. Many towns & townspeople have enjoyed a love hate relationship with bfg. Hardly a unique or uncommon state of affairs.
  14. I wish.