Closing the Border between India and Pakistan

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Carlos_Hathcock_II, Nov 18, 2011.

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  1. with a regimental pause of two three.
  2. There is talk of this ceremony finishing. Which would be a shame. I would love to see it in person.
  3. Rather a lot of pomp and circumstance but I was quite impressed.

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  4. I was inpressed with the way they almost kick themselves in the heeed when doing foot drill!
    The the big geza with a 'tash getting all 'in ya face' to the big other geza with a beard....and then a little 'readjust my rifle sling and turn it into a drill movement that looks like it meant to happen'
    And the little hand shake at the end!!!

    Classic! And I thought they were at war.....
  5. I have actually seen this at Wagah border from both sides. This has happened without fault, everyday since 1947, except during a short period in one of their wars. There is a flag lowering competition and whenever I was there, the Pakistanis 'won'. You should also know that this happening in the divided state of Punjab. While the Pakistanis use quite intimidating Army Rangers of Punjabi stock, at least 6ft tall (plus pakh), the Indians use people from the south to prevent them for getting too friendly in Punjabi (bhenchod commander this, motherchod CO that...) who tend to be shorter and a whole lot more timid.

    It is further interesting that the Pakistani side is segregated and the Indian side is a family affair. I will post some pics from my home pc when I get home, fond memories!

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  6. forgot that one Lahore Oct 2003 (64)_2.jpg

    Have a look a the good capt's belt buckle.
  7. You appear to have a small motor scooter "hidden" under your shirt.:)
  8. Something like that, yes. I said his buckle, not mine for a reason you know!
  9. Is it the 17/21st Lancers?
  10. I think not, I had to look the Lancers one up though. I did wonder what it was but never got around asking the chap.
  11. RP578

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    The Pakistan Rangers were essentially a locally recruited and garrisoned internal security force which augment the Regulars in times of conflict. Things have changed quite a bit over the past decade or so and they deploy all all sorts of Ops, including UN peacekeeping ones regularly and even have their own commando unit. They're not actually part of the Army though, although they are headed by Army generals.