Closing hours

As you are aware the charity auctions are in thier final hours.

We are on the best part of £5k..

With the amount of bids, in place I'm sure we can get to £6000

Dig deep, its probably the best cause there is and it blows last years auction out of the water.
What he said above, c'mon you tight gits (well those who havent bid yet) put your hands in your pockets for a very good cause.

PS. It's not often that I agree with MDN either.
They are all commies, lets try auctioning some Soviet bric a brac next time, or how about some New Labour press releases from the past ten years, I am sure they will pay (yet again) for those
MDN will you be around this evening at 5? Can you lock Jon Snow's tie then please? Apparently the final bid may feature on the TV tonight.

I can do everything else tomorrow at 1000
If the final bid is going to be on the box then the bids need to get higher..

I'll lock it at five.
30 mins to push people........

And about £100 of £5k
Could you update the front page and do somethng fancy with the type so that it hits home.


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