Closing Club Gitmo

Discussion in 'US' started by PubMaster1, Jan 14, 2009.

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  1. So President Elect-Obama will be closing Club Gitmo. Get ready for those freed to get back at things in the desert.
  2. Gitmo has probably caused more problems than invading Iraq, fencing off the West Bank, invading S Lebanon and precission strikes into Gaza put together.

    A good step and I am confident no-one released will get caught in terrorist activity or some time, if ever.

    Don't bet on it happening right away though and it should not be an excuse for any of them to be un-loaded onto the UK
  3. read a report that 21% to 27% of those released have returned to one form or another of terrorism
    but that was from the pentagon and no specifics were released.
  4. Of course they won't - it's all been a big misunderstanding :twisted:
  5. If those detained without charge for years - and subject to such 'techniques' such as stress positions, forced nudity, waterboarding and sleep deprivation - weren't anti-Western to start with - would be no surprise if they are now.
  6. Somewhere and some werent I imagine. Imperfect justice?
  7. I read somewhere that a lot of inmates are in a lot better shape than when they first arrived, thanks to a good diet, medical care, and the fact they are not constantly being shot at.

    Obviously evil neo-con lies though.
  8. Much more serious than that. What was done at Gitmo, Abu Gharab and other prisons was based on W. Bush's 2002 signed decision that the Third Geneva Convention did not apply to al Qaeda or Taliban detainees.
  9. I don't know about that - this report doesn't give that impression...

    "[[JURIST] Physicians For Human Rights [official website] Wednesday released a report [PDF text; executive summary, PDF] saying that abuse and torture claims made by former detainees held by the US in Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay and Iraq [JURIST news archives] are supported by medical examinations performed by the group. The exams showed that their subjects currently experience numbness and weakness consistent with extended placement in "stress positions" such as suspension or binding; depression, anxiety, and other mental conditions consistent with severe isolation and psychological abuse; and bone and tissue scarring consistent with specific claims of physical and sexual assault."
  10. Shame they all didn't do a 'Bobby Sands'. Best thing to happen to any terrorist.
  11. As they weren't ever charged - hard to conclude they were all 'terrorists'. And some did go on hunger strikes, but they were force-fed.
  12. It isn't as if Taliban or Al Qaeda follows any rules so why should the Coalition of the willing treat them any better? US, British, and any force captured by these meffers suffer great torture. Not that is right, but I am sure the US/British etc. treat these a-holes tons better.
  13. and under the 'soon to exit' administration we all know how reliable pentagon sources are .....Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuahahahaha...anyway who told them?
  14. I have it on good authority the Pentagon NEVER lies