Closest Camp?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Casper14788, Sep 26, 2011.

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  1. Anyone know the closest Army/RAF base to the Royal Albert Hall in Kingston London Please? preferably one that has transit accomidation! On October 7th, My Sqn in Germany would like to go to the US Army Vs British Tri-Service boxing and need to sort out accomodation and help/links will be very helpful

  2. Whats in it for me ?
  3. Royal Albert hall in Kingston? Do you mean Kensington? - I know a few barracks there (was in one of them) but I know they don't have transit at the closest.
  4. not really any transit in Central London. A couple of bunks at 20 Sqn RLC but normally full. My unit is staying in Aldershot for this event
  5. Try Woolwich its not in the centre but still a fair bet.
  6. RAF Northolt might be worth a punt?

    RAF Northolt Switchboard: 020 8845 2300
  7. Kensington yer sorry. were can i book transit in Aldershot ? is there a point of contact. 30 plus, thanks for all your help
  8. I tried to get transit accom in london recently for my unit. The only site is woolwich now for official transit accom. Pm me a contact mil email and i'll send you the point of contact.
  9. I myself don't have a military e mail, but i will ask my troop OC if he will let me give you his. thank you
  10. Try the HAC or the London Regiment.They might let you camp in their TACs
  11. I'm not sure if it still eists, but RAF Uxbridge used to have transit accomodation - you can catch the Picadilly line all the way to South Kensington.
  12. Sadly not, RAF Uxbridge closed about two years ago
  13. Welly Barracks might have some if you're lucky.
  14. I read the title as Closet Camp.I'm very disappointed now.