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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Captain_Crusty, Mar 5, 2010.

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  1. Captain_Crusty

    Captain_Crusty War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I have searched the site to see if this has been asked before but to no avail...

    I know there are various closed forums within ARRSE - I am a member of a couple myself.

    Is there anyway one can find out a list of them - it may be that there are closed forums out there that I would like to be a member of but don't know exist (does that make grammatical sense?).

    The answer will probably be no but worth a try.

  2. This could be a can of worms. :excited:

    Well, go on!

    Tell us which ones you are a member of. :D

    I'm aware of:

    The Longdon Bar?
    Newsletter writers
    Book reviewers

    EDIT: There are some threads where hidden forums are discussed, like this one from long ago:
  3. I'm not a member of any :(

    Where do I apply?

    I know about the Longdon (surely I should qualify?), but I imagine that is just got Flash in there bleating all the time about how "ARRSE used to be" :wink:

    And another for the blarts on ARRSE, would hate to go in there!
  4. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    In addition to those mentioned above there is:

    a girls's one (name withheld for fear of insulting not so robust ladies)
    Various ACSC/ICSC ones
    The Crown Club
    An unused one called the something else bar that I can't quite remember
    Wiki gurus (wiki admin stuff)
    ARRSE development (long unused)
    Visual Utopia
    Charity organisers

    I think that's the lot, but I may have missed something.
  5. Generally speaking, I imagine you find out they exist...when you're invited to join one! I did!
  6. Campaigns.
  7. Before I start (in case I look too interested :roll: ) I'd like to make it clear that I have no wish to join any hidden forums, except the one I belong to (3RTR). But I notice that group memberships are not necessarily shown on the user's profile. Is that something the user has a setting which they can select or is it a matter of only certain group memberships are displayed?
  8. Is there a hidden "Nosey Bastards" forum?
    Is Crusty a member?
    Would I like an invite?
    Uh, no thanks.
  9. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Some groups are hidden and some aren't, but this is more by luck than judgement when we set them up. We've never really used the Groups system to its full extent so we've never worried about it much.

    There is a groups page where you can get a full list of the non-hidden Groups and who's in them:

    In the relatively near future we will move to more powerful software and I would like to see more use of the groups system. It allows users to form clubs, send messages within them and so on. We've only ever used it as an admin tool or for manual group creation for forums like 3RTR.
  10. Thank you for your informative response, Good CO.
  11. Maybe we could start a THRUSH Forumn Smudge theres plenty of irritating CNUTS on here at the mo...........before you say thats me included.......can I knock off now its Friday for gods sake.
  12. You certainly qualify for the Splitarrse forum. Thats full of whining cunts. You should ask the mod of that forum.
  13. How do you recognise another member?

    Is done with a handshake, or does each "closed forum" have its’ own tie?
  14. I'm a member of one a we recognise each other by the fact that we all have massive c0cks (including the token split arrse, but she has 5 a day).

    Or are all massive c0cks.

    One of the two.
  15. Mmmmm. No point in me applying to join then 8O