Closed Detachments, Whats the Point?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Lepus, Jul 2, 2006.

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  1. Says it all really.

    Why the hell does the CCF exist in the way it does, surely they'd be better as ACF styled detachments with a wider recruitment base? Keep the traditions of the CCF yes, but open them to "outsiders"?

    Seems like it needs updating really, any opinions.
  2. just look at the ccf in our city,they do not want anything to do with us,different class of child,private school vrs comp school
    all the ccf kids ive had to work with do not like being told what to do by a "joe bloggs", similar to working with a certain college cdt unit,they dont like being told to do things
  3. although im sure there are some very good ccf's out there
  4. MBGFB, check your PM's
  5. Put simply the CCF is funded differently, staffed differently, and to integrate a CCF with another unit or to open them up creates a raft of difficulties it isn't simply a class thing.

    You will also, of course, be aware that there are 2 types of ACF Det, open ones which anyoine can join, and ones that are affilliated to certain schoiols where you have to be a pupil or a sibling of a pupil to join.
  6. Would it not be better to integrate the closed ACF Dets into the CCF?
  7. I was a member of a CCF, and frankly, the ACF is entirely different in funding to my old CCF. ACF was better equipped, to say the least! And better trained. Whereas our CCF was full of bad kit and poor training. TO amalgamate the two simply wouldn't work in my area. As woopert said, they were controlled and funded in different ways.
  8. One needs to bear in mind that the CCF comprises both RN, RM, Army and RAF sections in some schools not solely Army sections
  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    We had a closed detatchment next to us but it was'nt CCF,it was ACF! Because of this,my Det ound it very difficult to recruit from the surrounding area because 90% of the local kids went to the Grammer School to which this Det belonged.The highest number of cadets we had at any one time was 6!! Some times as little as 2 turned up for nights!! Personally,I dont agree with them.In cases like ours,often we'd turn up but no cadets!! What a waste.
  10. What everyone really has to remember is that the ACF and everyone else now has to compete with many other activities that are available to young people that were not available before. For instance, you have got computers and computer games and suchlike to compete with. Also, with young people their sense of adventure is not what it used to be. Society is breeding a lot of asthmatic and overweight people, however, I am not condemning people with these afflictions. Also, in schools there are a lot of left wing teachers, such as sociology teachers etc who actually use the cadet system as an example of being unacceptably right wing. This should not be allowed and is wrong. The cadet system is not a right wing breeding ground, it is an oportunity to allow young people to achive something really constructive, something that will help prepare them for adult like. Speak to anyone who was in cadets for a reasonable amount of time and they will admit they learned a lot from it and really enjoyed it.

    The reason why there are closed detachments within schools is because this is an alternative way for the ACF to recruit into detachments. If it works then personally I cannot see a problem. Also, if I am reliably and correctly informed, the CCF are cutting back somewhat. Although I am maybe wrong about that, no doubt if so I will be corrected. In addition, closed ACF detachments are mainly in comprehensive secondry schools, wheras CCF contingents tend to be in grammar schools and private schools.

    I would also comment that I feel satisfied that a move by all the cadet forces, back to being a bit more military based rather that in some cases running in a 'scouts like' would be an idea to consider. Again, this make provoke criticisim and I apologive if anyone feels greived by this.
  11. I think that the quality of kit for CCF Contingents in my experience is pretty good and about on par with the ACF. As in both cases, it all depends if you have a good 'kit scrounger' amongst your adult staff. Be up front and ask for kit off anyone, especially your affiliated Regiment. The very worst they can say is foxtrot oscar! However, to be fair I would say that the ACF are more military like than the CCF. Part of the reason being is that through no fault of their own CCF officers have to face their cadets in a civillian teacher to pupil role as well. It all depends really if the CCF officer can handle taking his mortar board off and putting his beret on whilst at cadets and gain the respect of his cadets whilst doing so. The cadets may like or hate you but if you dont have their basic respect as an adult you are wasting your time. In addition I know it sounds bad but you cannot in the role of a CCF officer be all matey with the cadets. I am not saying that they should be beasted however, many of the CCF contingents need to be run in a more military like way with rank structure based on an individual's capabilities, not whether he has reached a certain age or not. Personally I would rather have a 14yr old NCO who is good at what he does and is enthusiastic rather than a 17yr old NCO who knows little but beleives he is entitled to a rank merely because he has reached a certain age.
  12. This may be an extreme example (I have had very little contact with the CCF), but I met a chappie who was the Shooting Officer for Sevenoaks School CCF and his budget (for shooting only) wasd £7000 per annum!

    No wonder we can't win any shooting competitions. :oops: