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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Rocketeer, Mar 24, 2006.

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  1. Went out to buy some supplies and passed the shaving aisle.. feck me.. I know about triple blade disposables. but now the got a ' quattro ' and someone mentioned that they're going to come out with a five blade or eight blade jobbie..
    WTF?? What's wrong with making a razor that actually works the first time instead of relying on multiple passes to try and catch all the stubble..?

    Hell, I've got a beautiful straight razor [ tempered steel blade, ebony handle ] passed down to me from my grandfather, complete with whet stone and genuine porpoise hide strop..
    gives the closest shave a man could ask for. Absolutely nothing more masculine than a shave tool that can take your head clean off...Used right it invigorates your skin and gives you a baby smooth shave [ cause it scares the sh*t out of the hairs and they stand up straight in fright. ]

    a well honed blade and a quiet ten minutes before the mirror with a hot towel and a handful of premium thick shave cream [ or better yet lather from a soap cake applied by a brisk boar's bristle brush ] and you're in guy heaven...Relaxing start to any day, real artistry and satisfaction at the end when you realize you are good to go and don't have to reapply your adam's apple with krazy glue. Been using a cuthroat for years now and would never go to a disposable..

    So Who shelled out for a premium Panasonic Pro-curve foil jobbie and who stocks up on Bics at Tesco's? and who still thinks Don Johnson's Miami Vice look is the arbiter of cool?
  2. you like the sound of that "cutthroat" just a little too much for my liking there my friend. :wink: :wink:
  3. I have the vibrating Gillette type, it gives a really close shave and i admit i thought it was a gimic until i tried it, i still feel that it could have been designed by a woman as the on/off switch seems to be in the wrong place.

  4. I've got to admit that I use a proper safety razor, bristle brush and a block of soap. Closest shave I have ever had. One day I will work up to a cut throat.
  5. I use a mach 3, and its fairly good and generally im happy with it...

    i deliberately dont bother shaving every day now, i had 14 years of shaving all the time (apart from leave) so therefore take advantage of the ability to grow a bit of rough nowadays.

    Whilst working in Bahrain just before xmas however, i was staying in a plush hotel that had a barbers in it, and i decided to have the works, a hair cut and a proper wet shave..

    i have to agree with rocketeer, the closeness of the shave was unbeleiveable, and i did feel very fresh and smooth after it....

    im not sure i would dare use one on myself tho, i reckon they must be a nightmare in the wrong hands.
  6. got a phillishave coolskin 7762 - fecking amazing! use mach 3 vibrating one in field tho if have to be strict on noise.
  7. I still have my safety razor that my Father gave me when i joined the Army, it is still in my wash kit in my webbing.

    We were told years ago that during a war we would be issued blades for the razor, was never sure if this was true or not.

  8. I use a straight razor too. Still use a mach 3 to shave my balls though - one day, I'll watch 'Zulu' to get my courage glands pumping, down a bottle of Gordon's finest and then take 'ole straighty to my plums. They're also good for putting the shits right up your housemates in a three-in-the-morning Sweeney-Todd styleee.
  9. Cut throat for me
  10. Can you actually buy cut throat razors these days? I've never seen one on sale anywhere.
  11. Best shave i've ever had was from the indian barbers in Seria, Brunei (place in Seria town center if you've ever been there). They use a cutthroat, but use eucalyptus oil instead of foam, and dont just shave the normal area, they do your whole face for some reason. They then twist your neck around, pull your arms out of your sockets and almost break your jaw. And they give you espresso coffee and rendang curry. Not bad for 2 dollar.
  12. Saturday Morning in Limassol City. Nip over the Road and have the Barber do me with a Cut throat. Lather so Hot it Hurt, excellent greek Coffee and the best shave I`ve ever had!
  13. If a woman designed it, then methinks you're using it in the wrong place as well :wink:
  14. I get the old lady to drive a sit and ride mower over my boat race then I use concerntrated hydroflouric acid as an aftershave balm. Razors are for puffs.
    When I joined up we had to use sharpened entrenching tools for razors and if you had any facial hair left over, the DS would give you a Soweto necklace courtesy of a series 3 tyre and 20 litres of red benz from the MT.
  15. [​IMG]

    I prefer my old Klingon battle axe, all that a man could want.