Close Range anti-tank weapon.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Ronin(GE), Nov 14, 2011.

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  1. Greetings;

    I'm currently writing a scenario for a computergame/simulation. It is supposed to include bristish units.
    (It will be a defense of a Bn size MNTF against a attacking BMP lets say year 2012)

    Would would I give the brit. Inf. as anti tank weapon?

    AT-4 would be a good model for the ILAW?
    Or I'd go for the RB-57 as model for the NLAW?


  2. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  3. Go on the official Army website and look. It used to tell you all current weapon systems on there....
  4. A catapult and some stern looks.
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  5. Sticky bombs.

    There not in the pam but are very effective
  6. Aw so now we gotta surrender our socks?
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  7. The most effective short range tank killer I ever saw in action in a British unit was a REME VM(A) called Thommo! **** left a huge wake of destruction..........
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  8. Would I ask here (with the natural risk of mockery and abuse), if I didn't look there before.
    Wikipedia brings up some stuff as replacement for the LAW-80...but vague

    The MoD site only show the Javelin(and a LAW72(?) based bunker buster), which I find a bit overkill at squad level.

    Hmm, well then, I'll go for the stern looks and catapult stuff...with the javelin as platoon asset.
  9. Ilaw is the brit name for the at4

    Nlaw is the brit name for the rb57

    So yes they wouldwork as standins :p.

    What simulation are u doing this with?
  10. 66mm short range anti armour weapon


    84mm medium range anti armour weapon

    carl gustav.jpg
  11. couldnt you program in a surrender option?
  12. Why, is the simulation against the French?
  13. just to give it that heightened realism i feel my character should be able to cower, flinch and when faced with a numerically superior enemy with greater firepower learn russian and spend the rest of the game down a coal mine in siberia
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  14. Nah, no surrender option. They're all steel-eyed dealers of death without any sense of self preservation. (f.e. If facing a company of T-72 and they have 2 AT-missles left and are the only squad in the area, they WILL ENGAGE :cool: )

    They will however stay in cover and don't fire the RPG's if they are under (supressive) fire. Also if a squad has taken losses, they are much less likely to emgage.
  15. ...searched a little more... on the hint from instinct.

    SEK 500M Order from Sweden for RB 57 NLAW

    So the british dissmounts will get the swedish blaster + javelin for this game.
    AT-4 and javelin for the US, MILAN 2 and PzFst3 for the GE units...OPFOR will get AT-13 and RPG-29.
    Thinks that sorts it.

    (Im still considering that the GE units could be replaced by some bags of money, as the gov would be reluctant to send troops ;-) )