Close Protection

Just signed up to ARRSE again after certain advice from a highly respected GREEN man I had the pleasure to catch up with at the Army Navy. And if you're reading this (happily an arms length away from your right hook) I hope the vespa is ticking over and gleely supporting your new rodney image. I was glad to catch up with some blasts from the past. I've had a good look through some of the posts, same old aircraft type rivalry, aviation selection, REME, wattisham, and of course the support posts after the unfortunate Basra aircraft incident this morning.

I'm certainly not gonna be writing to the journal to show photos of exploits around the circuit but a word of advice to service leavers going into CP, try hook up a contract well in time for your end date. The CP thing was a gold rush, just like the RSI and Class 1 signaller communications opportunities at the turn of the millenium and it's definately drying up to the point where unless you are ex regiment you will not be chosen for the jobs. Like myself you end up doing the VIP London game and if you are into the whole Hazardous Environment tasks then VIP work can become a bit too much like waiting on in the mess again. There is an exception to the rule, if you are a senior with Brecon or an officer with a good staff college background.

If CP is going to be your post service choice then Phoenix is definately the best course provider unless you were a CPO or surveillance operator in the service. Good luck to all of you and take care in Bos, Afghan, Iraq and not to mention Gutersloh and Wattisham....oh, and don't let the Wallop water tower bring you down. If JH in the gym is reading this then get back to me and tell me why you were not at Twickenham supporting sport and recreation for the unit (or is it all about SWIMMING?).

Best of Luck fellas. :roll:

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