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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Mag_to_grid, Jan 4, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know of a website that shows feedback or credibility ratings for close protection training providers? The reason I am asking is that a company called ERS999 are running a close protection course near to where I live and I would like some information as to how good they actually are and if the qualifications stand for anything in the real world.
  2. Googled., these guys?
  3. Yeah, thats them.
  4. Cheers Poppy
  5. I agree with The_Dragoon.. although a better link to a page from the SIA website would be:

    The best thing I can recommend is to work out what part of the industry you want to be in (UK CP work, EU or hostile or if you just want the license and then choose from there), this will help you look into the training providers themselves and see what backgrounds you want them to from ideally.

    I've been in various CP work for 10 years now doing various training with various companies. Having to do a full course and exam for the SIA license meant having to complete it all again and so I did the course with Task International last year under recommendation from contacts/colleagues within the industry and found it to be excellent and have recommended it to a couple of other colleagues who have just got back to the UK. I've also found that it's speeded up the process of contracts just dropping the name
  6. Top tip: only attend a course accredited by BCUC or City & Guilds.

    I could go start "Spoomo's Excellent CP Bonnet Polishing Course" with an EdExcel accreditation in a very short period of time.
  7. Ive been following this thread with a bit of interest. Thing is, everytime i post a question like this Phoenix always come up. So do we reckon these are a safe bet?

    And whats the difference between the london scene and the EU scene. Surely its just a different country?
  8. parasigs, phoenix is used by the mod for resettlement courses , they're pretty good and if you do exceedingly well on the course then you normally get invited to a job interview right away. you'il probably get a job in the sandpit out of it, the dollar is good, however, the real place to get established at the mo is in the uk as most of the ex sf types are out of country earning the big wedge. once you get accredited (get your license then your laughing, the circuit in uk is harder to get into so it is important to get the right course as most of it is about networking.

    heres a link to an sia accredited company that are quite big in the cp game. have a look through the website, look through the management portfolio, some good cv's there.
    if anyone wants to know more then pm me
  9. Parasigs, Nemesis, Task and Phoenix are all used by the army for resettlement.. it really seems to depend on your resettlement office as to which direction they point you in and course dates.

    I take it you don't know anyone who has been on any of the courses or know anyone in the business.. if it is just the license you are going for then any of the 3 I've mentioned are a good bet as they really know what they are talking about (not saying that they are the only three as I'm sure there are more out there, but these are the three commonly talked about).

    They all have web-sites and someone on the end of a telephone to talk to and discuss anything about the course and the post training side. What swung it for me (other than the amount of people I met in the trade that said Task is the one) was the fact that Task uses the last day of the course for prospective employers who come and present to you and then give you the opportunity to talk to them and arrange an interview immediately.. a couple of the speakers on my course had done the course with Task themselves.

    Its a difficult one to answer as nobody would have done the course with all 3 companies and they are all similar prices.. I would have a look at all three websites, give the ones you are thinking about a quick call about anything you want to discuss and do it that way.. or look at the specific backgrounds of each of the trainers.. ideally you want someone with a mental health or prison service training background to go through the physical intervention with if you work in the UK as the law is tightening up round this element..

    Whatever you decide, Good Luck!!
  10. CTR can't even spell Glock correctly though. :)
  11. Parasigs I know some of the Phoenix people and I can vouch they are one of the best training providers for this line of work At least 20 guys from 29 Cdo have gone thru their course and all except one is working in the industry and the one that isnt is due to the fact he changed his mind
  12. Another one to throw into the mix is Olympus Security.

    They are an SIA accredited training provider. The operations manager is a former grunt, so is the managing director. The managing director has been at the top of the UK protection scene for nearly 30yrs.

    They tend to specialise in the UK celebrity CP work and also management of TV event security. My mates been with them for about 12 months now, he started off as a trainer, having done some overseas work with another company before moving up the food chain, he's now the operations manager. He tells me that the work is not difficult, and most squaddies, with the right approach and attitude should succeed, although the hours can be long and the odd client can be sometimes "a tad" testing!!

    Having watched him trying to get a CP team together quickly for a fastball, it appears that reliability, trust and the ability to drop everything and deploy are 3 of the biggest factors, in getting regular work. Do a decent first engagement, and your on your way, the work will roll in as long as you deliver the goods.

    They have an ex plod as the training manager, looking at their website it shows; the CP course covers all the areas that you need to be proficient in to operate UK side, whilst staying on the rightside of the law.

    Good luck
  13. Wondered why olympus are familiar, it's bcause they do Big Brother/Endemol security- (of course I have only noticed this whilst mrs sbp has been watching BB in the same room :roll: :blush: )