Close Protection qualified Chauffeur - £12,500 (3 month contract) - London

Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by Albionroar, Apr 5, 2012.

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  1. A Chauffeur / Close protection officer is required to drive one of the Senior Execs for a news paper.
    3 month contract to start as soon as possible with a salary of 12.5k

    A BMW 730 car is provided with a fuel card
    1. Person needs to have excellent central London knowledge – to be able to whip around town and know all the landmarks, areas, and shortcuts.
    2. Person ought to be based half way between London and Oxon (maybe someone who has moved out of London and now lives North London/Bucks/Herts borders – access to M40)
    3. Person needs to be flexible with work hours. Be able to cope with last minute changes, early start and late finishes. However there will be quieter periods to compensate. Generally not a lot of weekend work but need to be flexible should the need arise
    4. Person needs to be a team player and happy to get involved in other things i.e. Errand running, family work, shopping etc.
    5. Person would need to be a driver and have close personal protection skills.

    Contact: or phone 0203 021 3986
  2. Sounds like a job for an effin nanny.
  3. Close protection qual'd but will be used to nip down to Asdas, make their employers a light supper, bathe the baby and masturbate the head of household into a catatonic slumber on a nightly basis.

    Try advertising in "Whores with Domestic Skills".

    What a ******* spanker, aren't you the same chap who wanted security employees during the Olympics to work for an hourly rate of £Fuckall.50?
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  4. Once again, wages below industry standard. Forces Select really takes the piss.

    Oh, and UK based newspaper executives have no need for close protection.
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  5. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Only a 730? They must be poor.

    I'd consider it if it was a long wheelbase 760.
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  6. 4 grand a month is not awful but then i guess you have to take tax in to account.
  7. I think the OP needs to clarify if the £12.5k is for the 3 month period, or £12.5k per annum (but contract is only for 3 months).
    If it`s the former then not a bad rate, if it`s the latter then he`s taking the piss.
  8. Even if it's the former, it's less than the industry average.
  9. And paying to rent in north london, and the cost commuting into central london etc etc.

    It's a gash rate.
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  10. I take it as 12.5k for the 3 months, i would be amazed if anyone would do it for a grand a month.
  11. For a starter CPO this is a decent number to get a boot in the door. There are worse rates out there and people do them.
  12. To be fair, £4K is decent enough wedge per month even for the culturally diverse Eden that is London.

    However, having to hand **** your male employer is a little bit vexing.
  13. Some knob end has probably looked at what the "service providers" such as Serco pay care workers and security guards and then decided that minimum wage is an acceptable rate of pay.

    I ******* hate the service providers culture in this country, they are a bunch of robbing ***** effectively running a pyramid scheme.
  14. Any second now someone'll pipe up with the old "it's a low rate because retired soldiers have pensions" or some other shite about squaddies deserving to get paid less because they have less skills than civilians.

    Unfortunately in this particular field, former squaddies can and do lead the field and command the top rate.
  15. Not claiming any personal experience or the Qual's required for this one, whatsoever. Someone who has though, mentioned Bespoke Driver Training, and says he'd ask for £15 an hour which could rack up to 3K a month. Maybe also get use of the car plus enhanced rates for longer hours, etc. Owner drivers sometimes get on average 80% of the fee and the operator gets 20%. On the other hand: current market, and this one may be a good starting point but check out the company and contract properly. Before incoming about blokes in the Pub and Walt know-alls, I'll get me coat.