Close Protection Operative Course.

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Finn, Feb 14, 2012.

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  1. Our seventeen day course in BTEC Level 3 Close Protection and FPOS medical training provided within the course comprises:

    Introduction to the roles and Responsibilities of the Close Protection operative
    Threat and Risk assessment
    Surveillance Awareness
    Operational Planning
    Law and Legislation
    Interpersonal Skills
    Close Protection Teamwork
    Close Protection foot techniques
    Route Selection
    Use of Close Protection vehicle
    Search Awareness
    Incidents and Dilemmas
    Venue based security
    Communication and Conflict Management skills
    First Person On Scene (FPOS) medical training

    C.P.D.M.S. Ltd.’s Close Protection course is delivered at such a high standard that it far exceeds the guidelines set out by the UK Security Industry Authority (SIA) qualification. Our course has been carefully developed utilising the combined skills from every discipline of CP. We have a unique combination of British Military Police trainers which enables us to deliver the highest levels of expertise to our students. Our trainers are all operational and bring a vast wealth of operational knowledge into their training to our systems.

    This 17 day course is not only aimed at ex-Forces candidates, but also at civilians wishing to enter the industry at the highest level. By keeping the course numbers to a minimum C.P.D.M.S. Ltd ensures a high trainer to pupil ratio, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to each candidate.

    Please Excuse the huge Web Address.

    Our Events - Close Protection Training Course

    Finley Howard-Stevens
  2. Weirdly, had a mucka just finish something very similar to this, including content including route planning/drives and recces out to Heathrow and visits to typical shopping venues as used by clients, but time frame was 30 days - offered for free via the job centre as he was banging on at the time. Gave him the SIA Level 3/Anti terroist and 1st Aid cert.

    Prior to that, the he had 12 years service with RGJ then Monkey, followed by 15 years as an LAS para medic including helicopter team....left after a big disagreement with one of the LAS's 'new breed' of governors. i.e unworkable response times including disciplinaries for not making the stats, no time to wash out wagons before next shift and various other BS.

    About 12 bods on the course, most were not ex Forces, but all were also all banging on - they even got given the dosh to buy a new suit as part of the course.

    Course run via his local job centre and Westminster College. Place of training was opposite Paddington nick.

    For free.

    * Hermer, if you reading this answer your fecking phone!
  3. how much?
  4. C.P.D.M.S

    At least you've got a snappy and memorable name..
  5. Complete Policing, Defense And Medical Solutions.

    And the Price is £2442 That includes the course Accommodation And 3 meals a day.
  6. Complete

    Are you policing events then? How much for a Warrant Card?
  7. I think your getting the wrong impression sir.
  8. Mmmhhh BTEC bullet magnet, I can't wait.......
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Finn, you have permission to post this as a business?
  10. Have you tried the Police service, My force did NPOC courses, several military personell went through and it was very well received by them. There are differences but only very minor, the instructors are all nationally qualified. Thinking about it though this may only be available for serving military.
  11. Im thinking of starting up this kind of course, I expect demand to be high so form an orderly line. Get your wallets handy as it wont be cheap as getting trained by the best