Close Protection on tour

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FireChid666, Apr 5, 2006.

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  1. What are your guys thoughts on a signal sqn being sent on tour on a close protection/infantry role? As I think it is mad and dont quite understand how this could happen, it's just asking for trouble....
  2. I guess they will be doing force protection , hardly Infantry role . Even the RLC can do that .
  3. Close protection? Don't think so
  4. Signal Squadrons have provided protection to formation headquarters and their own locations for a long time. This is one of the reasons why the Army wastes so much time training signallers, sappers, gunners and underwater hang-gliding farriers to be infantrymen first, specialists second, third and last. If you asked me to take my battery and carry out a dismounted company attack then fine, i'd look a bit askance but I think with adequate rehearsals then it could be done. Overstretch makes strange demands but this is NOT one of them IMHO.
  5. But your not trained Infantrymen , why does this always come up . Non-infantry are trained soldiers
    . there is a big difference . A trained soldier can protect his own units location .Infantrymen a damn sight
    more than that .
  6. Hmmm, suppose that's why an inf OC has probably got about 7/8 years' worth of training to do the same...
  7. I agree with DM - I'd be seriously unimpressed!

    Senior bloke: 'Ah Darth - go and take out that position, will you?'

    Me: 'Of course Sir - any chance I could have a few platoons of Infanteers as well?' :)
  8. Will they rescale the unit in question to the same level of weapons etc as a rifle Company? Or will they have to beg borrow or steal?
  9. C'mon kit, rescale the scalies is this a WAH?
  10. Royal Signals have already carried out this "Infantry role". NI in early 90's. Heavily based around 212 Sig Sqn, part of 4 Div at the time.
  11. During WW2 my father was a Captain/Bty 2ic of an HAC heavy anti aircraft battery. He and his guys spent far more time as mobile infantry than they ever did shooting down planes.
  12. What, jumping out of spaceships and blowing up humongous insects?

  13. 5 Fd Sqn RE did an Inf tour of Belfast in 97 with PWRR. Their CO made some "cherry boys" remarks when he initally addressed the Sqn.

    During the tour he ate them publicly with a large slice of humble pie which raised our respect for him.
  14. There is a big difference between force protection and an infantry role. As has been said Phase 1 Trains soldiers NOT infanteers. What would the infantry do in Phase 2 if they had already done it all in phase 1.

    However so that no Corps types think im having a go i will say i could comforatbly sleep at night with any trade of British soldiers sangar bashing for me. I'd even feel happy with them provide local patrols around the camp i was in. However if I needed an extra section for a recce patrol or ambush. I'd want British Infanteers!
  15. I am a corps guy and just out of interest what do they do in phase 2 :?: