Close Protection Industry..Any Takers?

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by dance_with_the_devil, Sep 12, 2008.

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  1. Hi Guys & Girls,
    Just putting the feelers out to get some feed back on the CP Industry.
    I'm in my final transition from the "Green Machine" to Civvi Strasse, and would like some positive feed back on the courses and companies, some of my Fellow Arrsers may have attended.
    Having trawled the contents of Quest & Pathfinder magazines, and the Plethora of sites on the "Tinterweb", It really is mind boggling the array of companies who specialise in the affore mentioned Industry.
    I have added the below linky as a good starting point to get a feel, and introduce persons to the Industry.

    Thanks in Advance
    Devil :twisted:
  2. A friend of mine did his training with Task International, and speaks very highly of them.
  3. At present the security industry is swamped with ex service guys all holding SIA CP tickets. As a result it is now not uncommon to find blokes stood on pub and club doors having spent shedloads of money on a CP course.

    The high paying jobs out in the Sand Pit are drying up fast, and more and more guys are now moving into other employment sectors.

    Either make sure that you have secured employment before you put your hand in your pocket (catch 22?) or have something else to fall back on.


    P.S. - like your photo......
  4. Cheers for the input fellas,
    Yeah, the Sandpit doesn't hold the desire for me,(2 Tours Enough :roll: )
    I'm looking at the VIP / Executive end of the security sector, either UK or Europe \ USA.

    Devil :evil:
  5. Cheers Parasigs
    Yeah, am a member of the above forum and a wealth of good stuff and advise there.
    Chatted to Morrigan about a month ago in the chat forums.

    At the moment trawling through a F**koff list downloaded from
    Narrowing down some companies that work closely with the CTP / Resettlement process.
    Nemesis, CTR, Anubis, Longmoor Group, Ronin, Etc.

    Just want to get the right course and SIA Badged then tout my wares.

    Devil :evil:
  6. Hi Dance_with _ the _devil

    Probably the best bets are (in no particular order)


    For surveillance then go to ISS in Harrogate.

    In fact you have probably just missed a special deal from Morrigans through (I am the moderator there - Nomad) due to the lower overheads in Serbia. Full SIA CP course including FAAW for £1200. It just goes to show you that ther are good value courses out there and the training is good too. A few I know have trained with them and rate them well.

    I have to agree work isn't easy to come by at the moment and is more about networking than the course itself (although a bad course will do you no favours)

    What might be worth considering if you are in London on the 8th November is to attend the function we have organised. Many representatives from various training companies including Edelweiss Tactical and Morrigans to name a few as well as many CPO's will be there. It will be a good chance to find out from the horses mouth as well as a fine place to network which is the key to getting offers of work. At least you will know if this is the right path for you before you part with any money.

    I am coming over from NZ for this as well as doing a course with Edelweiss so if there is anything you want to know regarding working in this sector then ask a few people on and sign up for the function. It only costs £10 and that includes a buffet. It will be held at the Union Jack Club, SE1. More details are available on our site.

    Hope this helps and maybe I will see you there.
  7. Tried doin the same thing but there are so many experienced CP opp'os out there who have bagged all the best jobs, and they had to wait a couple of years doing stuarding security doorwork and odd jobs to get there.
    The path is lined with long waits and bone jobs with cp opo's fighting eachother to get the work.
    So if you dont run out of money first after shelling out over 6k for "proper" courses and then traulling the sites for work, then you might just get a nose in. Good luck mucka.
  8. Hahaha just seen that IBA short film I would says its walty as fcuk but i dont wanna in trouble. :roll:
    No W@LTS were harmed in the making of that movie tho. :twisted:
  9. Cheers Xpat / NOMAD,
    Will look you up in the CP Forum.
    Looks like i've narrowed my research down to Longmoor Group, all positive stuff on the CP Forums and there website is bang on with good testemonials Etc.
    DWTD. :evil:
  10. Have you considered Armorgroup ? They operate in 32 countries.
  11. Cheers Taff,
    I know armor group are a big organisation and have offices throughout the world, but im looking a bit closer to home for training courses and networking etc.