Close Protection in Europe / US ?

Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by Screw_The_Nut, Dec 19, 2012.

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  1. So with the next Redundancy Tranche coming up early next year, and morale being on the low side with those wearing the uniform right now, I've decided to pose some Close Protection questions. There doesn't seem to be much about this, and what there is is somewhat outdated.

    So, how is the Close Protection job market going in the UK/Europe/possibly US? Is it as bad as the High Risk side of it, better, worse?

    What are the best and most professional companies in the business at this moment in time. I'm thinking London jobs, celebrities/rich gits protection, all that kind of stuff.

    Any responses much appreciated.
  2. Just to expand, how much experience would you need to go straight into this sector?

    Does "hostile environment" experience in sandy places help or not?

    And finally, how is the pay?
  3. Have at look on close protection world. You'll get better answers there.
  4. I've just posted a Security type job on Jobs offered on a Luxury Yacht if you can handle the pace & the pussy.

    Don't know what sort of money the position commands but for lesser mortals the 'gratuities' on the charter yachts far outweighed the salary.